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[Cura Feature Suggestion] - "Notes" for Individual Profiles

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Posted · [Cura Feature Suggestion] - "Notes" for Individual Profiles

Hello, all! First time posting here and I hope this is [at least close to] the right place to leave this (apologies in advance if it isn't):




After working with Cura these past several months, I've gotten in the habit of essentially creating new profiles each time I tweak several settings from a last-known-good configuration from a previous print (so that if things don't work out, I can always revert back) - I usually label with a format: "- 07-20: [0.16] Model Name [25%]" to keep things organized alphanumerically.


Among the major settings tabs, "Quality", "Shell", "Infill", etc., I started thinking about how great it would be to have a "Notes" tab sitting atop (or wherever a user chooses) the stack and essentially act as a basic roll-down text box where I could type specific information about [for instance] the last successful print using that profile, any drawbacks, surprising effects, specifics on hardware configuration, etc - Just a simple text box to type whatever we want, make dashed bullet points, etc.


Considering the character limits for profile names, I feel as though the implementation of such a feature would benefit a lot of users (particularly those of us still "getting to know" our printers) and help keep things better organized without having to rely on a separate Notepad text file [or handwritten index cards] - all while synchronizing with our Ultimaker accounts. 😊


The profile would load with that particular tab closed by default, but [as with the others] remain open as users quickly shuffled through their list of saved profiles to quickly compare the differences.




Again, sorry if this is in the wrong spot - thanks in advance to whomever responds. Stay safe and be well, everyone!

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