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Cura Slicing settings - Single Wall

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Posted · Cura Slicing settings - Single Wall

I have this part that has a low piece of single wall 0.4mm. The wall comes out pretty good if the line start is set to radom. However, the quality is a low worse that it could be because the cura slicer result is so strange (see image).

Compared to the two support walls around it it (where I does what I want) the slicer does not do the obvious thing with wall of the part itself make the square in one go. Instead it breaks off at the corners. For thicker walls is does correctly just plane one move around the square.

The resulting part is not good in the corners.


Attached is the profile that caused the slicing and an image of the skin settings. I tried a few settings back and forth but never really got a change.


Any tips what could affect that.?





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