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Vase Mode Issues


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Posted · Vase Mode Issues



Hey Folks,

I have the newest version of Cura.  I've never had need for vase mode before but that changed this morning.  Unfortunately, I seem to be having problems with what I think is supposed to be a simple setting.


To start, my model is a simple solid cone created with Fusion360 and saved as an STL.  I load it into Cura and select "Spiralize Outer Contour".  I then make sure that "Surface Mode" is set to surface.  Finally, I slice it.  When I go to print I noticed that I'm not printing continuous spirals at all.  After each revolution my printhead takes about a 10 degree backward turn and then keeps printing.


I then went back to Cura and watched the Preview animation.  It appears that my print is drawing a circle, then doubling back a bit, and then finally continuing to the next layer.  I would have expected to see a continuous spiral forming.  That's not what I got at all.


I'm attaching a snippet of the relevant g-code to this post with a couple of notes in the parenthesis.  Any idea what is happening?






(Prep code appears above this point)





G0 F1800 X80.49 Y93.059 Z0.19


G1 F2100 E0

G1 F1200 X80.487 Y93.056 E0.00012

G1 X80.332 Y92.516 Z0.192 E0.01614

G1 X80.33 Y92.513 E0.01624

G1 X80.205 Y91.965 Z0.193 E0.03227

G1 X80.203 Y91.962 E0.03238

G1 X80.108 Y91.404 Z0.195 E0.04852

G1 X80.044 Y90.843 Z0.197 E0.06462

G1 X80.012 Y90.278 Z0.199 E0.08076

G1 X80.012 Y89.713 Z0.2 E0.09687


(Cut out a bunch of the same here...)


G1 X81.143 Y94.622 Z0.375 E1.74165

G1 X81.14 Y94.619 E1.74177

G1 X80.894 Y94.111 Z0.377 E1.75786

G1 X80.675 Y93.589 Z0.378 E1.77401

G1 X80.49 Y93.059 Z0.38 E1.79001


(This is where the weirdness starts....)


M104 S180

G0 F1800 X80.487 Y93.056

G0 X80.433 Y92.868

G1 F2100 E-0.20999

G0 F1800 X79.722 Y92.798

G0 X79.45 Y91.497

G0 X79.348 Y89.694

G0 X79.553 Y87.899

G0 X80.058 Y86.163

G0 X80.793 Y84.626

G0 X81.838 Y83.146

G0 X83.138 Y81.844

G0 X84.054 Y81.152

G0 X84.914 Y80.647

G0 X86.167 Y80.063

G0 X86.546 Y80.649



M140 S50

M106 S255


G1 F2100 E1.79001

G1 F828.1 X86.557 Y80.643 E1.79039

G1 X87.092 Y80.464 Z0.382 E1.80732

G1 X87.635 Y80.315 Z0.383 E1.82423

G1 X88.188 Y80.197 Z0.385 E1.8412

G1 X88.745 Y80.11 Z0.387 E1.85812


(The rest of the print follows)


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    Posted · Vase Mode Issues

    Spiralize will do the outer wall of the model and vary the Z in increments until it comes around to the "Layer Start".  At that point it will be one layer height above the previous Layer Start and it just keeps moving.


    EXCEPT it does print the bottom of the model in a conventional way using the Bottom Layers setting and doesn't start to spiralize until it gets above that.  I would expect to see typical gcode (like what you have) up till Bottom Layers +1 where the speed will drop and the number of gcode lines with a Z move goes way up and is incremental as the head moves around the periphery.


    So if you want to spiralize right from the get-go then set Bottom Layers to zero.

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