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How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer


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Posted · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

I am setting up a temperature tower using extensions >> post processing >> modify gcode. All I am doing at the moment is altering the main extruder temp by 5 degrees per 5mm step in the STL model.


What I notice on printing it is that it makes the change OK, but doesn't wait for the temperature to settle.


Is there a way of persuading it to use the set temp and wait gcode command so it will wait for it to stabilise?

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    Posted · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

    Rip Van Winkle was on watch that day but he was taking a nap and missed it.


    @Cuq may be the author of that plugin and will certainly know more about it.


    If the post processor is adding M104 lines then you could add a "Search and Replace" post processor AFTER it and have Search = M104 and Replace = M109.  You need to think about it though.  The print head will stay in contact with the print and you will get a divot because it will sit there while it is heating up.  For a calibration part it shouldn't matter but you need to be aware of it.



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    Posted · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

    hmm should be able to add a z retraction to the nozzle to stop the divot i think, but not sure. im mainly using 4.8.0 cura because it is what came with my Neptune 2. Also have the calibration shapes addon. however, it doesnt give me the post scripts in my 4.8.0 but it does in the newer version. 


    I do thank you for the quick reply tho.

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    Posted · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

    Search and Replace can add multiple lines of code by using the "\n" newline character, but it cannot take wild card characters.  There would be no simple way to maintain whatever temperature is in the line.  That means a separate instance of Search and Replace for each temperature change and you would need to know the temperature in the line.


    If you knew that the line you want to replace is M104 S200 then this would work:

    Search = M104 S200

    Replace = G91\nG1 Z3\nM109 S200\nG1 Z-3\nG90


    Assuming the temperature is changing at 5° intervals the next Search and Replace would be:

    Search = M104 S205

    Replace = G91\nG1 Z3\nM109 S205\nG1 Z-3\nG90


    It's a bit clumsy and you could get a blob (as the hot end oozes) but you could add a retraction and a prime using M83 and M82.  It starts to get clumsy pretty fast though.

    Replace = G91\nM83\nG1 F2100 E-6\nG1 Z3\nM109 S200\nG1 Z-3\nG1 F2100 E6\nM82\nG90

    It would look like this in the gcode file:

    G1 F2100 E-6
    G1 Z3
    M109 S200
    G1 Z-3
    G1 F2100 E6

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    Posted · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

    thanks that helps alot. im new to all the gcode and 3dprinting. just started doing it 1 month ago

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    Posted (edited) · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

    This type of request doesn't really make sens :

    In a temptower usualy we start from the higher temperature to the lower and so the changing time in this case as the machine is extruding material is very short. By the time you are printing the inner contour of the first layer you will have reach the new temperature. So you will not see the difference on the part.


    Using a M109 S code to wait the right temperature is also useless. This code are waiting that the nozzle have reach the programmed value. But as you are always at a temperature higher than the new target value, the machine doesn't wait anything and using M104 S or M109  S doesn't change anything in a temptower print style program.  To wait the decreasing target you must use the M109 R   code.



    But this is not the choice I have made in my script because user must be able to fix a negativ or positiv increment (even if on a pratical point of view it's always better to decrease the value ) 

    Edited by Cuq
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    Posted · How to make Cura wait for temp change at layer

    An open discussion on this subject https://github.com/5axes/Calibration-Shapes/discussions/77


    where the user want to use the M109R instruction to measure the "ooze blob  diameter" but I'm not very fan because changing the temperature in a print is not a very common situation execpt between the first layer and the other one or on multi-filament peint but in this case it's an other problem.

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