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wrong extruder used for the first layer


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Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

I am using a Qidi Tech 1 dual extruder printer with a custom profile made for the Flashforge Creator Pro (which seems to be exactly the same printer).


I noticed that for the first layer sometimes the wrong extruder is used. So if Cura starts on the first layer with the support material (which I set to the right extruder) the printer pushes filament trough the left nozzle which is set to the standby temperature. The right nozzle is heating correctly but not extruding. For subsequent layers the extruder switch is working as expected.


My start G-code ends with following lines:

G92 A0 B0 ; zero extruders
M135 T{initial_extruder_nr} ; left or right tool
M73 P1 ;@body (notify GPX body has started)
; **** end of start.gcode ****


Apparently the variable {initial_extruder_nr} is not set correctly.


At the moment I'm applying a workaround where I looking at the first layer after slicing and if it starts with the right extruder I use the search and replace post processing plugin to manipulate the G-code:

Search: M135 T1 ; left or right tool

Replace: M135 T0 ; left or right tool


Is this a bug in Cura or is there something wrong with the printer profile?

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    Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

    "Is this a bug in Cura or is there something wrong with the printer profile?" 

    That's always the question.

    The printer profiles are developed by third parties and submitted to Ultimaker for inclusion in Cura.  I'm more of a Marlin guy - but explicitly setting the extruder for the skirt/brim seems to work at setting "initial_extruder_nr" correctly.  When the gcode flavor is set to "Makerbot" I still get a "T#" at the start of a gcode file even with the M135 line first in the Start-Up gcode.

    With no build plate adhesion and the part set to Extruder 1, the gcode file appears to incorrectly start with Extruder 0.

    M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
    M135 T0

    But with a skirt set to Extruder 1, the gcode starts correctly

    M82 ;absolute extrusion mode
    M135 T1

    You might want to play with that a bit and maybe search GitHub to see if the behavior has been noted before.  There is a form on GitHub available for filling out bug reports, and this appears to qualify.  Be sure to mention that the printer has Makerbot firmware as the problem doesn't seem to occur with Marlin.

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    Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

    In the machine settings I have set the G-code flavor set to RepRap. I don't really know what the difference between Marlin, RepRap or Makerbot is. My printer has Sailfish firmware.


    I'm also confused about the start g-code.  In the machine settings dialog there is one field for start g-code and under print settings I have enabled the "code for single extrusion" and "code for dual extrusion" fields.

    The print setting fields contain different start routines for single or dual but they are not used. Instead the start code from the machine settings is used which is dual start code.


    Where is the correct place to edit the start g-code?

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    Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

    The firmware flavor is important as the different flavors may have commands that only they use.  I believe your gcode flavor should be set to Makerbot.  You need to check the QIDI site to make sure.


    As to which Start-Gcode applies:  The regular Start-Up gcode lines get entered at the beginning of the Gcode file.  The extruder gcode lines get inserted every time that extruder gets activated.  That makes them extruder specific.  You can test by entering these for the appropriate extruder and then creating a gcode file that uses both extruders.  Open the gcode in Notepad and then search for M117.  It should be in there multiple times.


    ;Start Extruder 1

    M117 Ext 1

    ;End Ext 1


    ;Start Extruder 2

    M117 Ext 2

    ;End Ext 2

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    Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

    Ok I will make some tests with Makerbot flavor.


    The extruder G-code is clear to me, I was talking about these settings under the experimental section:

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    Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

    I've never seen those before.  For support you will have to go to QIDI or maybe Flashforge.

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    Posted · wrong extruder used for the first layer

    I've hit the same issue with a different printer. After a bit of digging it seems that there actually is something buggy in setting initial_extruder_nr in the case that there are no adhesion structures selected: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/15673

    It's a pretty unique case and the workaround I have found for now is to simply enable a skirt. Then the correct extruder is selected AND you get some nice pre-extrusion ;)

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