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Anycubic Vyper and Cura


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Posted · Anycubic Vyper and Cura

I've never used Cura. How do I add the Vyper to Cura? So lost. Googling but it's not helping. I downloaded someone's profile, but is the profile the same as the machine? My understanding so far (and I can be completely wrong) is that you add the machine and then add a profile FOR that machine, is that correct? There's no Vyper under Anycubic in Cura to choose....

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    Posted (edited) · Anycubic Vyper and Cura

    Pick one of the Anycubic machines that is the closest match to your machine in "Settings / Printer / Add Printer".  Select "Add a non-networked printer" and scroll down to the Anycubic machines.  The i3 Mega (EDIT per ZDOG90210: not the "X" model) seems like a good choice.

    On the right side of that dialog you can change the Printer Name to whatever you prefer then select "Add".

    The next dialog contains the machine settings.  You have a different size build plate than the Mega X so you need to change the numbers to X(width) = 245, Y(depth) = 245, Z(height) = 260.  Make sure "Origin at Center" is NOT checked.


    IF your build plate actually measures 245 x 245 you may want to enter a smaller number in Cura so there is a safety border around the build surface.  That will insure that prints are always on the build surface and not hanging off the edge.


    If that is the case then I would enter 240 x 240 x 260 in Cura then on the printer select Auto-Home.  Using the controls on the LCD move the print head to a point 2.5mm in from the left edge of the build surface and 2.5mm in from the front edge of the build surface at a Z = 0.  On the LCD select "set home offset" and then "save settings".  The build plate in Cura will be synced to your real build plate on the printer.


    The Anycubic site has Cura 4.2.1 for download.  I looked at it but it doesn't have a specific definition file for your printer.


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    Posted · Anycubic Vyper and Cura

    I'm having the EXACT same problem.


    Brand new Vyper. Updated firmware for both motherboard and screen. Auto-levelling works perfectly.


    I'm not sure where you're seeing a "set home offset" option Greg. I can't find anything like that on the LCD at all.


    What am I missing?

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    Posted · Anycubic Vyper and Cura

    It depends on how AnyCubic handled the firmware.  The Home Offsets are stored in the M206 register and it should be available.  If it isn't then there might be a workaround or maybe you don't need to define Home Offset (at which time the Home Offsets will be the default X=0 Y=0 Z=0).

    The Home Offset usually defines the Origin Point for the printer.  When a gcode file is read the printer puts the gcode 0,0,0 at its own Home Offset origin.  The Auto-Home position is actually measured FROM the Home Offset position.

    When you auto-home the printer - what does the LCD show for X, Y, Z locations?  If that AutoHome position is in a "printable" location with the nozzle near but over the left front corner of the build surface then you should be good to go and the LCD should say X0 Y0 Z0.

    If it isn't then we'll need to talk some more.  On my Ender the Set Home Offset command is in the Prepare menu and is right below Auto-Home.


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    Posted · Anycubic Vyper and Cura

    PLEASE DISREGUARD THIS INFO THIS WILL DESTROY THE PRINTER!. The proper starting profile is the i3 mega not the mega x! If you pick the mega X it will destroy your strain gauge by causing ur print head to crash into the bed after it zero's out the z axis before it levels the bed. If this post can be taken down by an admin that would help a lot of people out there are a lot of broken strain gauges because of this post and a lot of inoperable printers. I have had two fried break their printer form this info. In the manual it clearly states to use the I3 mega and only the I3 mega not the mega x. Anycubic needs to make a profile so people stop googling this and breaking their printers. 


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