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What printer is that?  If it did not come in a dual extruder model then the definition file is not supporting dual extruders if the "machine_extruder_trains" is defined as a single.  You would need to alter the definition file and add an extruder file.  Not difficult, but it needs to be done.

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    Are you going to have dual hot ends(?) or a two-in-one-out with a shared hot end and nozzle?

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    Two hot ends and one shared nozzle

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    Also, Lotmaxx didnt send me the single hot end when we ordered it. So the entire printer is set up weird.


    the printer came in a dual extruder mode on the screen when we ordered it but in the videos I have watched the printer say that they came in a single extruder mode and you have to set up dual extruder.




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    @Kadensm10 I don't see a definition file for a dual extruder SC-10.  The SC-60 (LotMaxx Shark) is a dual extruder though.

    In Cura - install a Lotmaxx SC-60.  On the right side of that dialog is a box where you can select a name for the printer.  You can change the name if you want ("SC-10 Dual" or something).


    After it's installed go to Manage Printers and then Machine Settings.  It looks like the bed size XY is the same as your printer but the SC-60 is shorter.  Go ahead and change the Z height from 265 to 320mm.  There some numbers on the right that only come into play when you have multiple objects on the Cura build plate and elect to print them one-at-a-time.  Don't worry about them for now.

    Exit from the dialogs and go back to Cura.


    If you haven't done so already, go to the MarketPlace (button is upper right on the screen).

    It takes a while to load.

    After it comes up scroll down through the available plugins and make sure "Printer Settings" is installed and if it isn't, then install it.  You may have to quit Cura and restart to load the plugin.


    Scroll down through the settings and in Printer Settings check "Extruders share heater" and "extruders share nozzle".


    I think you should be good to start experimenting.  The retraction and prime distances will need to be dialed in for when a tool change is called for in the gcode.  Speaking of gcode - your "Extruder 1" will be "T0" and your "Extruder 2" will be "T1".


    Expect to have to make some adjustments to the StartUp G-Code to get the machine dialed in as well.



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    I did everything and cura doesnt give me the option to do dual extruder and my 3D printer still says filament run out when I try to print something.


    I have asked Lotmaxx what I should do and all they have said is install the second extruder which I did. Still not working. They say they have a year warranty on their site but the just closed my ticket for a refund. they haven't responded in 7 days after I have sent a video explaining our problems.


    Probably going to give up

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    Don't give up yet.  "The squeaky wheel gets the grease".  Bother them.  In this case Spam is good.


    I had already installed a Lottmax Shark in Cura.  I'm attaching a project file and a gcode file.  I didn't tweak anything so the files are generic as far as the Switch Over retraction and prime distances, etc., but you should get dual capabilities.


    For my Ender, the nozzles are defined in a Cura folder called "variants".  Your Lotmaxx has extruder files but I don't see any nozzle files.  I'm not sure what that means or how they are handled by Cura.


    Anyway, here is a 3mf with a Lotmaxx SC-60 dual extruder printer, and a gcode file sliced from that 3mf.  See if the 3mf gives you a dual extruder in Cura.  If it does not, try to print the gcode file (two calibration cubes).  By the third layer you should know if the printer is a problem, or just setting up Cura to work with it.

    X-Y Ref Block Dual.gcode Lottmax Dual X-Y Ref Block.3mf

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    I just figured it out, and it says I am able to print and everything seems to be working fine


    Just one small problem and that is that the printer thinks it printing. But no filament is coming out.

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    Nice.  No movement on either extruder motor?  Your bill for filament is going to be really low.


    Here is a little gcode file.  There is no model, just some movement and extrusion.  You can open any GCode file in a text editor like Windows Notepad.  I've added some descriptions to explain what each line of code does.

    Essentially, the nozzle heats up to 205, autohomes, moves to X15 Y50 Z50 and extrudes from Extruder 1.  Then it moves up to 100, back down to 50, and extrudes from Extruder 2.  It then repeats one time before autohoming again and turning off the hot end.  I don't have a dual extruder printer to test it on but this would work on my Ender if it had:  dual extruders, shared hot end , and shared nozzle.

    LotMaxx Test.gcode

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    Posted (edited) · Cura


    Edited by Kadensm10
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