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Creality cr10s. No extrusion! Complicated problem.


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Posted · Creality cr10s. No extrusion! Complicated problem.

Hi! Going to try to keep it short.

My printer:

Creality cr10s

Direct drive extruder (swiss) 

Silent motherboard

Flashed Marlin 


So it doesn't extrude. The problem started before i switched motherboard. 

I've tried to run the extruder with the x,y and z "cables" and that works fine.

So it isn't anything wrong with the motor, nossle or anything like that. 


Im running Cura, currently 4.13 (beta) 

I've tried everything from Cura 4.8 and to 4.13. 

I've have checked the gcode and it looks Right, I've tried "old" gcode files that have worked before but no luck.

What happens? Well nothing BUT it makes a "click" sometimes in the beginning of the print and backs the gear a little, like it retracts. Sounds like when the extruder is struggling with to much resistance. 

But there's no resistance, no problem there. 



Does someone have any idea?



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    Posted · Creality cr10s. No extrusion! Complicated problem.

    When you swapped cables did you try any other motors with the E cable?

    You re-calibrated the Esteps after changing the extruder?  Also after changing the mainboard?

    Did you happen to go with a pancake motor for the extruder?


    The attached file "test.gcode" contains the following:


    G28 ;auto-home all
    G1 F2100 Z100 ;move up 100mm
    M302 S0 ;turn off cold extrusion prevention
    G92 E0 ;reset the extruder to 0
    G1 F600 E100 ;extrude 100mm of filament
    M400 ;finish all moves
    M302 S175 ;reset cold extrusion prevention


    With your E motor correctly wired and the nozzle removed (there is no heating) print the file.  The code is simply telling the printer to push 100mm of filament.

    If it doesn't work then the problem may be in the cable, or in the plug on either the motor or the motherboard.



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    Posted · Creality cr10s. No extrusion! Complicated problem.

    Thank you sir for taking your time to help me! It works now and it was the cable!.


    Yes i did try another motor with the E cable and then it workt😅 


    Dont have a pancake motor yet! Do you advised against?

    I would like to try it so i can get the "moving wheight" down.


    So anyway i felt that I've tried everything. But with your test code i decided to try again, it was so much easier with that. And pretty soon i find that it was the cable. 


    Thank you again! Much appreciated! 



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    Posted · Creality cr10s. No extrusion! Complicated problem.

    Taa-Daaa!  Congratulations.

    If I had a need to print more TPU models I would consider a Direct Drive.  My bowden printer hates TPU and I limit myself to flat gaskets and things.

    A pancake stepper would lower the weight but from what I've read the lower torque can be a problem and limits the speed you can print.  If there is going to be a limit then you may as well stay with what you have and see how it goes.  Something to consider is putting a line into your StartUp Gcode like (Ex.) M201 X300.  The M201 is "Max Acceleration" so in that example X300 would limit the X to 300mm/sec² accell.  You may find you don't need it but if there are marks showing up in the print from hard stops and starts of the X axis then it would be something to consider.

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