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so im new to 3d printing and i have really lost interest immediately when i started slicing projects do to build times . i do not modify spec i just upload and slice . can someone please tell me why such a simple file would take 22 hours to print ? i have attatched the file . i truly hope there is a setting im missing .


thank you in advance for your inputs 




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    Load that STL in Cura.  Set up everything the way you like.  Use the "File | Save Project" command to save it as a 3mf file.  Post the 3mf file here.  A project 3mf file has your printer, the model, and all the settings in it.


    I get 6:11 minutes for print time.  There are several settings that affect print time.  If you have dense infill it can take a lot of time to print.

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    I believe you did an "Export" instead of a "Save Project".  They both create 3mf files but an Export is just the model whereas a Project File contains everything you have within Cura at the time.  So try again using "Save Project".


    FDM is not a fast process.  You can push the nozzle size, and the print speed, and some other things but at the end of the day it just isn't fast.

    I know there are a lot of long prints out there.  My personal record is a 32hr print immediately followed by a 22hr print.  The two parts make up the tour pack on the back of my motorized bike.



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    Your long print time is because you have the infill at 100% density.

    To the upper right of the Save to Disk button is an (!) icon and after slicing if you hover the mouse over it there will be a breakdown of where all the time is spent.  At 100% infill, all the infill is considered "Skin" and that is where the vast majority of the print time is.

    There are different things you can do.  I'm including a couple of 3mf files.  Open them "as project" but don't allow them to "update" your printer as they can change settings.  You should see a white dropdown button that says "Update...." click on it and select "Create New".  You can delete the extra installed printer later.


    The GV_ThickWall.3mf file shows your part with two "mesh modifiers" that change the wall count for the gear teeth and provide 5 walls to make them stronger.  (see the 2nd image below).


    The GV_2Piece .3mf shows the sprocket split in two parts with locating holes in each one.  The Axle Hole doesn't require support when doing the model like this.  For assembly, you would glue pieces of filament into the 2mm holes in 1 part and then locate the second part on the filament "Locating Pins" when doing a full glue job.  I'm just showing this to get you thinking.


    Yes - At lower infill density, the infill isn't very strong.  In the image below: the infill density is at 10% but the "Infill Line Multiplier" is set to 3.  You can see that the infill is fairly robust.  We are back to an 11hr print though.

    This is Layer:62 with 3 walls, 10% infill, Infill Line Multiplier = 3 and the Infill Layer Height is 2X layer height so it only prints the infill every other layer.  That speeds things up.



    This is from the 3mf file I've attached and it uses two Support Blockers as Mesh Modifiers with the wall count = 3 to beef up the gear teeth.  The infill is 10% with line multiplier at 1.  In this image you can see that the teeth are stronger but the infill is basically just to hold up the top skins when they print.


    FDM often requires that you set aside the normal design considerations in favor of what is necessary for a good FDM print.  If you print a kitchen table with the legs on the build plate it will take forever.  If you print it upside down then it won't require any support and will print much quicker.  Still slow mind you, but quicker than right-side up.




    GV_ThickWallDriveSprocket.3mf GV_2PieceDriveSprocketBase.3mf

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    Posted · print times

    This is all very helpful information. i have been reading the settings popups as i go  but reading from someone somehow helps me process the information better . i appreciate all your information and advice . Ill post a picture when i complete the build . I hope to finish by the weekend. at least with the one track. make sure its what i really want to do  


    Thank you again for advice 

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