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Split large .stl

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I don't know if I have asked before, but this sure would be handy. Like when you have a huge model you want to print and would like to split it in different parts (that just fit your build area). Would be a nice addition to Meshmixer it think

The only thing I have found ist Netfabb Pro (grrrr, only have the basic version) (http://wiki.netfabb.com/Split_Large_STL_file).


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This is what i found on the web:


In Meshmixer, load your object and select Plane Cut as an edit.

In the options panel on the right, there is a drop-down menu that says Cut, change it to Split.

Press enter.

Now the tricky part. Go to Select mode, and select some faces on one half of the split. In Modify, go to Expand to Group. This should select all the faces on one side of the split. Now go to Edit, and choose the Separate option. Press Enter.

Now you should be able to move each half of the split separately.

However, Netfabb Basic is probably the easiest way to do this for now.

I don't remember what software but i believe that netfabb pro isn't the only one to do this

[edit]I believe Cura is able to do this too?

Or maybe not

Maybe take a look at:



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well my idea would be to take the stl. install the latest version of blender for free ! and split up the model into a few different bodies and then export them individually out as stl.. job solved.

blender is a little different to other programs but there is so much stuff on youtube to help you do exactly this. it should be a piece of cake !

Ian :-)


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