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Pulse XE on Cura

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Posted · Pulse XE on Cura

I am trying to get my Pulse XE to work with Cura. It prints and communicates with Cura but the problem is it wants to print above the bed. When I go to the monitor and type the G-Code G1 Z0 it sends the nozzle tip to Z0 which is about 2.1mm above the print bed (this is normal because Z0 is the same in the Matterhackers slicer). I tried dowloading the Z-Offset plugin but it wont allow me to set the offset to the value of -2.1mm. I tried changing the Start G-code and everything works fine until the nozzle moves to the center to start printing and the nozzle moves back to 2.1mm above the bed. I tried sending the command M851 Z-2.1; M500, that didn't work so I tried putting it into the start G-code and that didn't work either. I sliced a file and looked at the G-code and after the start G-code it moves to Z0.3 on the G0 command. I decided to just move the model down -2.1mm below the print bed and sliced it, same Z movement on the first G0 command. I thought maybe if I added an auto bed leveling command it would save the probe offset but it wont even run a G28, and when I tried a G30 the probe didn't deploy and it just ran it down through the build plate. I'm at a loss as to how to fix this problem, I even tried to trick the slicer into thinking my Z build volume was bigger than it is (210mm is normal, i set it to 220mm) even that didn't work. If anyone knows how I can fix this z-offset problem please let me know. I want to use Cura so bad with this printer.

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    Posted (edited) · Pulse XE on Cura

    There is another thread HERE that has some information.  

    From the Matter Hacker site:

    "Currently, the Pulse is only supported with the use of our MatterControl software, since other slicers do not apply any leveling data to exported gcode. While it is possible to setup the Marlin UBL firmware leveling on this machine for use with alternate slicers, we do not have a guide for this process, nor is it officially supported. I hope this helps!"


    There is a How-To article HERE.  I have no idea if it is relevant or if it works.


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    Posted (edited) · Pulse XE on Cura

    I have been trying to do this for some time. I had it working well before, but had to send it back to matterhackers due to a defective stepper motor. After making some upgrades and getting it back(took over a year from returning it due to terrible support) I have had trouble with the same thing.

    The only solution I could find is basically rebuilding the firmware from scratch applying all of the right settings in the marlin firmware for what is essentially a prusa mks3. Including the mesh leveling options should all work. 

    the biggest issue is they lock down most of the features marlin offers and pass it off to their crappy software that is just a big pile of crap when it comes to all the slicers out there and what they are capable of.

    So I can follow up here when I figure out a config that works properly and can get some better results. Looking at the hardware for the 32 bit version I have it loos like the exact same stuff as BigTree’s marlin build for the prusa mk3s, which is literally what the pulse was ripped off from. If you go to Marlin’s github you can find the repository with all the different 3d printers and prusa big tree which should be the best match from what they have.


    but it isn’t for the faint of heart… i am learning as I go and it is complicated. Not too crazy just gotta be patient and careful. Doing any of what I’m saying tho will void your warranty. So at your own risk. Me its worth it at this point. I have issues with every material. And I know a lot can be fixed with basic slicer settings in another program like Cura.

    If I had known what I know now I would NEVER but from matterhackers again unless they were the only dealer for another printer that is not theirs. They obviously have made little to zero improvements since my purchase in early 2019. Even then I had instant regret comparing it to my $250 ender 3 pro($1000 for the pulse xe, $1500 after upgrades). The pulse xe has everything to be a good product but matterhackers seems to have purposely crippled it with their own f@&$ery. Makes zero sense why mattercontrol is as bad as it is. Their technicians are extremely terrible at providing actual support for your issues other then sending you to a extremely dated article or youtube video that does not ever help.


    overall if you are techie enough to do the research.. looks like building your custom firmware would be best. Other then that the simplest way is to use the link the previous reply put to transfer the gcode. Then just try cura. I actually did it for a lil while that was and wasnt bad. Still had minor issues, bed leveling will not work. Tried a few times to just run bed leveling from pulse, then run the print from cura. Was working but I had a bad stepper that would go nuts and mess up all my prints then. I’d get 50% because of that issue, but the others came out great having ironing and stuff turned on. 

    i will let you know here if I get something good together and send it to the marlin github or something.

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    Posted · Pulse XE on Cura

    I asked matterhackers for the firmware and they actually send me the links to their marlin configuration and marlin's main github if you wanted to compile your own.




    The Pulse firmware can be found via the link below. Please note that you will need to edit the configuration.h file with your appropriate Pulse model number, and the rest should auto populate. While we do not offer guidance for configuration your own firmware, Marlin does have some resources available via the second link below. You may also find tons of videos on YouTube for configuring Marlin using Microsoft Visual Studio Code (download page here).



    It doesn't seem too bad, I am going through to see what can be enabled to hopefully be able to use the auto-bed leveling. Once enabled it should be as easy as editing the start g-code to include auto-bed leveling.

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