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Dual extrusion using only the #2 (Right) nozzle


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Posted · Dual extrusion using only the #2 (Right) nozzle

I have a Raise3D Pro2 Dual that I use Cura to slice and save the Gcode and then utilize Ideamaker to load and start the print remotely over my network.

Because I am very familiar with Cura and I do not like the IdeaMaker interface, I had to create a custom profile for my printer and based it off the Raise3D N2 Dual. 

This was done because the Raise3D Pro2 Dual is not included in the list of printers within Cura.  With that being said, here is my issue:


I use a .6mm nozzle on the left (#1) extruder and a .8mm nozzle on the right (#2) extruder and select which one I want to use based on the size of the model and how fast I would like it to print. The issue that I am having is that if I want to print something with only the the #2 nozzle, the software will not follow instruction and will run the print with the #1 nozzle. 

It seems that the only time I can use the #2 nozzle is if I am also using the #1 nozzle during the same print. 


The work around I am using at the moment is to add a small circle to the build plate and select it as nozzle #1. Then I add the model I actually want to print and select it as nozzle #2. 

This works, but is not ideal. The Z offset on the Raise3D Pro2 is a mechanical adjustment and leads to the .8mm nozzle being too close to the bed and creating an elephants foot. 

When I try to adjust the Z offset setting or the initial layer settings in Cura, I can get rid of the elephants foot but there is a lot of back and forth with settings that often lead to a failed print. 


So to avoid the work around that leads to issues, is there a setting I am missing? Is it even possible with Cura to use the #2 nozzle without using the #1 nozzle in the same print??

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    Posted (edited) · Dual extrusion using only the #2 (Right) nozzle

    It might be your Start-Up Gcode.  At the very least there is contradictory information contained in the stock StartUp Gcode for the N2 Dual.

    This is from the end of the StartUp Gcode from the "N2 Dual" model that is included with Cura.  (Raise3D is listed as the author of the printer definition file for the N2 Dual).

    T1; left tool

    ; set extruder steps per mm

    M92 E140

    T0; left tool...???????????  C'mon man!  Does it have ambidextrous hot ends?


    then later....


    ;move up a bit

    G1 Z5.0 F9000

    ; wait 300ms

    G4 300

    ;fast move to center

    G1 X152.5 Y152.5 F9000


    ;Raise3D Job Start

    M117 Printing...



    You can see that even with T0 disabled in Cura that "T0" is hard coded in the StartUp to print the skirt.

    The command to Zero the extruder (G92 E0 E1) would be illegal in Marlin.  It may be a good command for the printer's firmware but maybe that line should really be G92 E0 T1.  (That's a guess by the way.)


    At any rate, I think your StartUp Gcode needs to be reviewed to see if it is the problem.

    If you could copy it from Machine Settings in Cura and paste it here then someone can take a look.

    Edited by GregValiant
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