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Tronxy X5SA Build Volume Home Position Cura 5


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Posted · Tronxy X5SA Build Volume Home Position Cura 5

I have a Tronxy X5sa and on updating from Cura 4.8 to Cura 5 the end Gcode for the home settings are not working as before.

On completion of a print the head moves and over runs to the back right causing motor crunching for a second and stops .

If I home the head on the machine it over runs to the left. I have to then stop the machine and home it manually on the machine panel.

I assume that the build volume start end gcode have changed somehow for this to happen. I have checked the volume settings and they are correct.

The end gcode is different and uses absolute settings and not G28 home positioning.

I have copied and pasted the old end settings from v4.8  v4.12 and also Tronxy Cura but can't start a print or no change to the homing of the head.

I have gone back to using previous versions with no problems but would like to upgrade to Cura 5 for better functionality.

Now currently using Cura 4.12 without problems.

I,m not familiar with gcode settings but willing to try if someone has a machine end and start gcode for this printer.

I have not checked start at center option with any version.

could this be my problem?

Many Thanks 




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    Posted (edited) · Tronxy X5SA Build Volume Home Position Cura 5

    I installed an X5sa 400 in Cura.  It is NOT an "Origin at Center" printer.  Looking at the StartUp and End G-Code in Cura 5, I don't see any problems (EDIT:  I found a problem) Your End G-Code does contain this line:

    G1 X{machine_width} Y{machine_depth} ; Park print head


    Those keywords get replaced (with the settings in the Machine Settings dialog) when the actual gcode file is created.  For the 400 I installed, that line would be replaced as:

    G1 X400 Y400 ; Park print head

    That should send the nozzle to the back right corner.  If your build plate isn't that big (in the firmware) then there will be a crash into the end stops.

    TronXY (or a Cura Community member) provides the definition files for TronXY printers.  The author of the older definitions was "AdderMk2" and the author of the 5.0 definition was "KV/AdderMk2".  So yes, there were changes made.

    It looks like in previous Cura versions that line was G1 X0 Y0 and would have sent the print head to the left front corner (instead of right rear).  That's probably what you were used to.  Either way should work.

    If you open an actual Gcode file in a text editor and go to the end - what does that line read?


    EDIT:  There is a problem in the 5.0 Ending Gcode in this line:

    G91 ; Set Positioning to RelativeG1 Z10 ; Raise nozzle 10

    It should read:

    G91 ; Set Positioning to Relative

    G1 Z10 ; Raise nozzle 10


    This gcode file is just your start and end.  In between the StartUp and Ending gcode I've put these lines.

    G1 Z10 F600 ; Move up at 10mm/sec
    G1 X200 Y200 F6000 ;Go to midpoint of the build surface at 100mm/sec
    M300 ;Beep
    G4 S5 ;Pause for 5 seconds

    You can "print" that file and see what it does.  You can open it in a text editor and make changes.  When you get it the way you want, copy the relevant parts into your Machine Settings.  You will need to uncomment the "retraction" line in the ending gcode and alter the "heating" lines in the startup gcode.  


    X5sa400 Start and End.gcode

    Edited by GregValiant
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