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Ultimaker Slicer: Qualität beim Druck ändern


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Posted · Ultimaker Slicer: Qualität beim Druck ändern

Hallo, ich habe ein Bauteil, mit dem ich im "coarse" Ausdruck recht zufrieden bin. Lediglich die letzten 5-6 Layer sind filigran, da würde ich mir "fine" wünschen. Kann ich iwie z.B. mit ChangeATZ bei dem layer die Ausdruckqualität für die letzten layer ändern ?

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    Posted · Ultimaker Slicer: Qualität beim Druck ändern

    The "Layer Height" cannot be changed within a slice.  Only the Initial Layer Height can be different.

    In regards to the XY resolution - You can use a Support Blocker and using the Per Model Settings configure it to Modify Settings for Overlaps and that way you can change the Line Width.  If you have your Line Width set to 0.4 you could only go down to about 0.35 so it isn't really much of a change.

    The only way to change the Layer Height is to slice the model twice (Ex once at 0.2 layer height and once at 0.1 layer height) and then splice the gcodes together at your "layer of interest".  The bottom could print at .2 layer height, then there would be a bit of transition gcode, and then the top 5 layers would be from the 0.1 sliced file.

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    Posted · Ultimaker Slicer: Qualität beim Druck ändern

    I do it a lot.  I have found that using Pause at Height works well.

    If all layers in the bottom file are at 0.2 and all layers in the top file at 0.1 layer height - then when the model is sliced at 0.2 there might be a pause at layer 100 and in the 0.1 file the pause would be at layer 200.    (Adaptive Layers would be tougher to accommodate and I don't try).  That would put the transition layer at a Z of 20.00 in both files.

    You can pretty much delete everything in the base file from (and including) the Pause line to the end of the file.

    In the top file you copy everything below the pause line and paste it to the end of the base file.

    Do a Save-As and go down to the transition area and make sure the XYZE are passed off nicely from the base print to the top print.  It will be correct with simple files, but "measure twice and cut once" would be prudent.

    ;script: PauseAtHeight.py

    G1 F300 Z21.2 ; move up a millimeter to get out of the way

    ..........;the M83 line gets deleted


    G1 F9000 X85.463 Y141.391 -------------------->Start of code from the Top File
    G1 F300 Z20.1 ; move back down to resume height
    G1 F2100 ; restore extrusion feedrate
    M82 ; switch back to absolute E values
    G92 E2118.19549  -------------> E Reset
    G1 F2100 E2123.69549 ------>Starting E of the top file


    In the above example I saw that the base file ended with a retraction so the top file must start with a prime.  The E reset is "base file retract distance" less than the Starting E of the top file.  In this case it was without having to alter it.

    Ignoring the bad screen resolution, the preview of the combined Gcode would look something like this.


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