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Woven z-seam and rough top layer

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Posted · Woven z-seam and rough top layer

Hello Ultimaker community. I have been working the last couple days on settings for printing using a 0.8mm nozzle on my Ender 3. My goal is to dial in settings for larger prints with 0.8mm width and a 0.6mm layer height. I have had several issues with the default "Draft" profile in Cura 5.0 for a 0.8mm nozzle PLA, including gaps in my first layers, poor infill bonding, some over extrusion on the z-seams, and a rough top layer.


I was able to resolve the first layer gap by slowing the Initial layer speed from 25mm/s to 15mm/s and the infill bonding by slowing the overall print speed from 50mm/s to 30mm/s.


The remaining issues I have are now related to the z-seam, which I can only think to describe as producing a woven pattern and the top layer, which is producing a rough surface as the nozzle drags through the extruded filament (over-extrusion maybe?)


I have tried to do my due diligence with searches but have hit a bit of a roadblock as I maybe don't know the proper terminology to be searching for. Specifically, my question are:


  • For the z-seam, how/why it is overlapping the very start of the layer and producing this woven effect? Which parameters would affect this?
    • From watching it print, it doesn't seem to be so much of an over-extrusion issue as an unnecessary amount of overlap before it transitions to the second layer inward on the wall.
  • For the top layer, what is going on?
    • My suspicions are either temp, extrusion amount, or another setting that I am unaware of.
    • So far, I have tried reducing the Top/Bottom speed to 15mm/s, Top Surface Skin line width to 0.4, and Top Surface Skin layers to 2.
    • I have not tried "Ironing" as it seems this is still too extreme for that setting to resolve.


I have attached my .3mf file with all parameters should that be helpful. But here are some quick details

  • PLA - Amazon Basics black
  • Printer - Ender 3 with 0.8mm nozzle
  • Plate temp - 50 deg
  • Nozzle Temp - 200 deg
  • Retraction
    • Distance - 4mm
    • Speed - 45mm/s
    • Prime Speed - 15mm/s
  • Layer Height - 0.6mm
  • Initial Layer Height - 0.3mm
  • Line Width - 0.8mm
  • Top/Bottom Line Width - 0.6mm
  • Wall Line count - 2







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