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Posted · Mixing Head

I'm adding a mixing hotend to my Ender 5 Plus.  Is there anything coming in the future towards slicers implenting options for such setup having two extruders and single mixing hotends???

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    Posted · Mixing Head

    It's a work-in-progress.  As more people get them and use them then wants and needs come up.  They aren't offered on Ultimaker printers so support within Cura will take a bit of time to filter in.


    There are some things you need to do to the machine definition files.

    Go to the folder "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 5.1.Beta\share\cura\resources\definitions" and open "creality_base.def.json" in a text editor.  In the metadata section you need to find the extruder trains and add one or two.

    This is what I've done so I can have up to 4 extruders on my Ender 3 Pro.

          "machine_extruder_trains": {
            "0": "creality_base_extruder_0",
            "1": "creality_base_extruder_1",
            "2": "creality_base_extruder_2",
            "3": "creality_base_extruder_3"

    Then you need to add extruder definition files.

    Go to the folder "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 5.1.Beta\share\cura\resources\extruders" and open "creality_base_extruder_0.def.json".  Do a "SaveAs" and name it "creality_base_extruder_1.def.json.  You will need to alter three lines in the file.

    "name": "Extruder 1"  in your new file this will be "Extruder 2"

    "position": "0"  in your new file this will be ""1"

    "extruder_nr": "0"  in your new file this will be "1"

    Save the file and you now have the second extruder.  If it's a 3-in-1-out hot end you would need to add another extruder file.

    In the Cura Marketplace is a plugin "Printer Settings".  Load it and restart Cura.  There are two settings you need to enable.  "Extruders Share Heater" and "Extruders Share Nozzle".

    After that it's a question of dialing in the changeover retractions, the size of the purge tower, that sort of thing.

    Look up the M163 to M166 commands on the MarlinFW site.  You can add more extruders as virtual extruders and they will be available in Cura.  The "M166 Gradient" command looks pretty cool.  Those commands have to be enabled in your particular firmware.

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    Posted · Mixing Head

    Okay thanks a lot.  That is a great help.  I was afraid it was going to sound like a stupid question as I have been looking for solutions and only really found more posts of others with the same questions.   This answer gives me much hope...  LOL


    Thanks again for the help in such quick timing.


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    Posted (edited) · Mixing Head

    There is a possible problem that came up within the gcode file.  The poster left and never came back so I don't know if they found a fix or not.  It can always be adjusted by searching the gcode and editing it by hand.

    When the tool is changed during a print, Cura anticipates a temperature change.  Before the change there will be am M104 line in the gcode.  That isn't a problem.  After the tool change there may be an M109 line in the gcode.  M109 is "set temperature and wait" and that's the problem.  The nozzle is in contact with the print and even when the temperature is already at the set point - M109 can cause a 10 second pause before movement gets going again.  That leaves a divot in the print.


    Additionally, at the end of your startup gcode you may have to add something like this:




    That should cycle the extruders so the filament is ready and at the correct retract distance from the nozzle no matter which extruder starts the print.  I'm not 100% on that so it is something else you would need to experiment with.

    Edited by GregValiant
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    Posted · Mixing Head

    They are in the Printer Settings that you load from the Marketplace.

    Next to the Settings Search box is an icon with 3 lines.  It's the Setting Visibility too.  Click on it and select "All".

    Printer Settings will load down at the bottom below Experimental.

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    Posted · Mixing Head

    Got it now, thank you sir.  I'm off to let my wife get me thrown from a perfectly good airplane now so maybe I can make some headway come monday.  Have a great weekend.



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    Posted · Mixing Head

    Remember to pull the cord.

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