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Edit scripts / pause at height

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Posted · Edit scripts / pause at height

Hey guys,


I am running a BCN3D Sigma R19 on Cura 5.1, as the original BCN3D-flavored "Stratos" Slicer is still based on Cura 4...


The BCN3D-Cura Versions used to have one pretty cool feature though: a solid pause at height, with most execution pre-loaded into the firmware, using a single Marlin-Command (G69) to send the active print-head to park.


I am trying to reverse engineer this as a script in Cura 5, but I am running into two problems:


Approach 1) Coding off of the original Cura "Pause-at-height" .py script

 - basically, I made a copy of the basic "pause-at-height" script, edited it and saved it as a new copy, under a new name (also adjusting the class-name of course)

 - but no matter where I put it, the folder containing all the pre-installed scripts or the configuration folder for scripts: it doesn't show it in the "add a script" drop down menu.

 - The Cura.log even shows, that it is able to find it and load it without complaining

 - just...it is not showing in the drop-down menu



Approach 2) Editing the original "Pause-at-height" script in place

 - As a backup, because I really need this to work, I tried just editing the existing script right in it's original place (...\Ultimaker Cura 5.1.0\share\cura\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts)

 - Strangely, if I change things, these are not showing in the finished gcode files.

 - Even if I just edit a part of the "pause-at-height" routine, a simple string, e.g. from "TYPE:CUSTOM" to "TYPE:CUSTOM2", this is not changing in the finished Gcode

 - Cura behaves as if the script had never been altered... 🤨



Anybody a clue what is happening here? I would really appreciate your help with this.



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    Posted · Edit scripts / pause at height

    I kept digging into this and the strange thing is:

    If I just pull the original "PauseAtHeightBCN3D" Script from Cura 3.4 or Stratos (Cura 4.x) and copy it straight into the Cura 5 scripts environment -> script is found, can be selected and works (though the script itself is outdated)

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    Posted · Edit scripts / pause at height

    Alright, so apperently Cura really doesn't like it when two scripts have the same name ^^...how embarassing.


    Problem (partly) solved, I have a nice new Cura 5 BCN3D Layer Pause Script


    Still, it would be interesting to know why it is impossible to fumble with pre-installed plugins...

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