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Posted (edited) · Guider 2s

Recently needed to access some of the smarter Cura printing features for model planes on a Guider 2s.  Found a few 'solutions' written over the past couple of years on how to link the two but could get none to work.  I sense a mix of Guider 2s firmware evolving, some specific interpretations of codes by Flashforge, and an 'anomaly' in Cura.  So took on board what I read (as much about what hasn't worked as what did), pulled apart some Flashprint and S3D G-Code files,  and came up with something that works (as of August 2022).  
Short summary is the attached codes works for me on Cura 5.1 and Guider 2s (firmware g31 20211101).  Note this Guider 2s firmware uses proprietary USB connection (can't connect to Cura through standard USB/com port), auto leveling (the attached code doesn't break the auto leveling sensor as others have experienced), and supports gcode files (so no need to change file extension) - just finish slicing, save to USB, and put USB in printer to build.
Basic steps are:

  • Set up new Custom Printer in Cura as per screenshots
  • Add the start gcode and end gcode to the printer settings
  • Add the Post Processing 'Search and Replace' rules to Cura (I have included these at the end of the gcode file, so strip them off and enter separately)

I have also included in the screen shots my evolving gcode library for the Guider 2s that has the mix of codes that seem to be (mostly) active and seem to do what I have written.  I am no expert so happy for any additional input that can help tidy all this up.
A couple of the curve balls in this I picked up are below (and others may have better answers to these):

  • M118 is used by Flashforge to dimension the outer edges of the build volume (including skirt etc.) based on centre of bed for X and Y axes, absolute for Z axis.   So in Flashprint will be auto created to look something like this:  M118 X32.69 Y15.50 Z49.10 (for centered Benchy).  Those size variables don't seem to exist in Cura (MAXX, MAXY aren't quite them and don't seem available in code).  So I started using the maximum values hard coded (M118 X140 Y125 Z300) but then found S3D just sets M118 X10 Y10 Z10 in all cases and it appears to work.
  • Minor note: based on observation of this code executing, M104 and M140 seem to set temperature AND wait until temperature reached (or the code is not executed sequentially!!).  Will test what happens if I remove M6 and M7 later to validate this.
  • Under some circumstances Cura will set the temperature variable passed to M104 and M140 for extruder / bed  (eg, M104 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} T0) with 1 decimal place.  That screws up the Guider 2s and it reads it as zero so sets minimum bed and Extruder temperatures.  Hence the two Post processing scripts to tidy that up.  Thanks to this thread for the workaround: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8657
  • Case fan commands work, I just manually comment them out when not using.
  • S3D and some Cura recommendations also suggest using M907 (eg.  M907 X100 Y100 Z40 A100 B100) to set motor current.  Flashprint doesn't.  Not sure what best practice is here.
  • Given the proprietary USB link / driver the best way I found to test gcodes relatively quickly (without slice, USB stick etc.) was through 3D Polar Cloud via network connection to printer. 

And as noted above - just save as gcode on USB and Guider 2s will go from there.  This code emulates the S3D pre-extrusion along the front of the build plate before printing starts.
Still refining this and will update as I get more prints done through Cura.  Open to any other thoughts that help tidy up.

Machine Settings.jpg




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Mate if this works you are an absolute legend. I've been struggling with flashprint now for too long and saddened that my cheap $300 ender 3 v2 prints better than my guider 2s due to the software. Can't wait to give this a go

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    Thanks for this post, it helps a lot.


    I actually imported my gcode which is generated by cura to flashprint (file -> load file...) and could then print it directly without a usb.


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    Great job, can you also share some print profiles you use?

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    Posted (edited) · Guider 2s

    I've been using this setup for all my prints and it works great. I also built a little Python tool to directly upload the gcode to the printer and monitor the print job from the command line, without having to mess with FlashPrint at all. Check it out: https://github.com/eldade/flashforge_util


    With the tool you can also get rid of the Cura post-processing steps as I fix up the temperature values in the gcode before sending it out to the printer. 

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    Posted (edited) · Guider 2s

    Came to add to the thread and say thanks a lot @gibbo9000, your setup details continue to help others! 🙂


    I've been strugling with FlashPrint for a while now, although I like its simplicity it kept doing strange things like trying to "fix" stl files only to make them worse. I have previoulsy used Cura and remember being frustrated when I found out I was being pretty much being forced to use it when I first got my FlashForge Guider 2S, and its continuely resulted in poor quality prints.


    Having set this up the first print was such an improvement, and now I've got some settings dialed, the difference is night and day, have so much more confidence my prints are going to complete aswell as have the machine perform as it should and to its capability.


    So glad I made the switch and found your instructions, thank you!!



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    Posted · Guider 2s

    I know this is an old thread, but I can't figure out how to use this with my Guider 2s after doing the leveling function on the machine. I've run this file a couple of time now for a print and when it goes to do the ooze line at the front of the print bed it seems to forget the z-axis and presses the print head hard onto the glass even though it literally just checked the z-axis with the leveling sensor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My thinking is to remove the G92 line from the start code but would really love some guidance.

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