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Print some part of object in vase mode


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Posted · Print some part of object in vase mode

Hi. I have an outdoor lamp and during normal printing i see places where nozzle stop printing and move to higher position. Normally vase mode should fix that but my object is not a vase so after slicing i see that print will fail. In attachments you can see obj file with my lamp and some screen. Maybe there is an option to print in vase mode till some high only?


print will fail.png


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    Posted (edited) · Print some part of object in vase mode

    It can't be printed in Vase Mode in it's entirety because the top threads will not be supported as the surface they mount to is horizontal and so is ignored in vase mode.  There is a double wall there as well but it would be hidden.

    It can't be printed in Surface mode for the same reason.


    If you can ignore the Z seam line (or figure out where it needs to be so it is out of view when this is mounted) then the easiest thing is to print the bottom with Cura set up with a single Outer Wall (.6 line width) and then a support blocker on the top with the bottom of the blocker at Z=161.  The support blocker would be configured as an Infill Mesh with 2 walls and to change the line width to .4 so the threads print nice.  The 2 walls of the Infill Mesh will add to the single wall that is already in the main settings.

    GV lamp.3mf

    The next option is a tad complicated.  If you can do it you get your Masters Degree in Cura.

    This is the quicky version.

    Add a Pause At Height at Layer 805.  Slice the model at .6 line width in Vase Mode and save the Gcode as Lamp Bottom.gcode.

    Turn off Vase Mode and slice the model again but at .4 line width.  Save the file as "Lamp Top.gcode".

    Combine the two files at the Pause layer.  The XY location needs to be the start of the first extrusion after the pause.  The Z location and the E location can be handled with G92 lines although for this model the Z would continue and not need an adjustment.


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    Posted · Print some part of object in vase mode

    @GregValiant thanks. In meantime i printed it with Z seam line visible and with random nozzle start point. I like very much the last solution. It seems to be exactly what i wanted to achieve. I didn't though about slice it twice and merge interesting me parts. I will definitely try it next time.

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    Posted · Print some part of object in vase mode

    This is for reference and is something that I often do.

    Here is the model.  (It's a fishing strike indicator that I designed.  It contains a 9v battery, a slot type LED switch, a switch dog to trip the LED, and a buzzer.


    The male threads on this model come out too coarse at .2 layer height and so I want them to print at .1 layer height.

    I put in a Pause At Height at layer 200 for the 0.20 slice.  Then I change the layer height to 0.10 and the Pause Layer to 400 and slice it again.  I combine the gcodes at the pause in each file and the print comes out as I want with just the threads at .1 and the main model at .2.

    It works well when the layer height difference is 2X so if I wanted a main portion of the model at .30 layer height then it's easy math to figure out where the pause should go if the second layer height is .15.


    Additional Pause at Height commands could be used if I needed to switch back to the original layer height.  The actual "Pause" commands get removed as I don't need the print to stop.  I just use the pause code because it contains the "Resume XY" location, and the "Resume E" location.  Sometimes I have to add a G92 Z to sync the second portion of the gcode to the height that the first portion of the gcode ended at.

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