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Installing post process script on MacOS?

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Posted · Installing post process script on MacOS?

I'm trying to work out how to install a custom post processing script on MacOS? I've found various posts for Windows, or older versions of Cura, but everything I've tried so far doesn't result in the script showing in the UI. Can someone advise the folder that the script needs to be placed on a Mac, and if there's anything else required other than simply placing the file in the appropriate folder.


Apologies if this is covered somewhere in the docs - I'm happy if someone can provide a link.




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    Posted (edited) · Installing post process script on MacOS?

    If you have your custom post-processor in the correct folder (it should be in "...\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts") then it may be a syntax error in the file.  Cura won't load a Post-Processor that has errors when it attempts to load the file.  Errors that occur when the script runs will cause it to kick out and produce no results.

    Either type of error should be noted in your Cura.log file.  Runtime errors will usually note the line number of the error.

    This error is an example from a post-processor I renamed but didn't make any changes to anything within the file.  In this case, the "Class", the FileName, and the "Key" don't match so it throws an error and won't load.

    "2023-04-08 07:38:19,604 - ERROR - [MainThread] PostProcessingPlugin.PostProcessingPlugin.loadScripts [221]: AttributeError: module 'PostProcessingPlugin.PostProcessingPlugin.ORIG_blahblahblah' has no attribute 'ORIG_blahblahblah'"

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    Posted · Installing post process script on MacOS?

    Thanks for the response. I had checked the log and there were no issues. I can see the logging where the PostProcessingScripts are being loaded, but there are no errors.


    I've put the file into the /Users/xxx/Library/Application\ Support/cura/5.2/plugins/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts folder - this folder (PostProcessingPlugin) didn't exist, so I created it. It does not contain the other post processing scripts, but I've also not found them elsewhere on the computer (I've searched for FilamentChange for example using Finder and it's not found a file with this name).  The plugins folder does contain the other plugins I've installed through the marketplace though, so I assumed this was the right place.


    8 hours ago, GregValiant said:

    it should be in "...\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts"


    Can you tell me exactly what the path is - I've tried directly in ./cura/5.2/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts, and also in ./cura/5.2/plugins/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts and neither seem to work.

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    Posted · Installing post process script on MacOS?

    You will need a MAC person to help with this.

    There are "Plugins" that become part of Cura.  AHoeben and CUQ (and others) write those types so if you load Mesh Tools or Cylindric Supports you will see that they are right there in the Cura dialogs and menus.

    A "PostProcessingPlugin" is a script that runs after slicing has finished.  They alter the gcode rather than providing pre-slice options.  They are often (unless I write them) fairly simple Python scripts and indeed go in the "Scripts" folder in the Cura installation folder or in the "Scripts" folder in your "configuration folder".


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    Posted · Installing post process script on MacOS?

    Perfect - thanks for your help. Somewhere I read that this needed to be in a plugins/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts folder, but your point above that it goes directly in the scripts folder was correct and it's now showing up.

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