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Kisslicer pre-release 1.0.8

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Kisslicer has a pre-release of its software on the Kisslicer forum.



Look down under for new and improved options.

I like it a lot.

Very fast.

Geo Hagen

Here is a pre-release of the 1.0.8 version of KISSlicer.

5D firmware updates

don't output Z if unchanged

Added minimum jump length...no destring if the jump < threshold

Destring feedrate setting

Filenames are not truncated to 8 characters

Optional extruder axis (E A B C) for Mach3 controllers

Support updates

Thinner Interface paths

Adds interface paths at the bottom of the support base, if on top of a model...mostly for multi-head prints

Support inflation (try this one!)

Mac updates

Native Main Menu

Possible fix of "extra triangles" problem

Native file dialogs (under Windows and Mac)

Bulk Key

Better degenerate triangle support

Improved the path optimizer

Speed limit for the 1st layer

Fattened up the 2nd raft layer a bit

added Path Color Key

Slicing requires less RAM

Cleaned up the main screen a little

Added a delete [X] button per model

Added most recent slice time as a tooltip in the text box

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Thanks for the examples there, I haven't bothered trying it yet but it looks promising from those pics. The first print reminds me of an attempt I made to print the "Cobalt" character from Unreal Tournament 2k4 but it just ended up like an almost solid blob with all the support when I tried it in Netfabb.

edit: Just downloaded it (while at work *sssh*) because I was too curious to resist. Loaded up the classic "pink lady" and just hit slice and... holy f#!k this thing is fast! Now I don't know if me not changing any settings at all has anything to do with it or not but if this is the speed it normally slices at, damn...

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it just ended up like an almost solid blob with all the support when I tried it in Netfabb.

When I printed that 'mech it was pretty solid too. Took a good 15 minutes to chip away the support and clean it up (I was too excited to take any pics, sorry. Next 'mech I do I'll take pics). But that was partially my fault, I was using the "sheathed support" option which puts a perimeter around supports and thus makes them really solid. Combined with a raft that made it fairly difficult to remove.

The second object was a bit better (because I didn't do sheathed support) but it has a lot of interior spaces which meant removing tiny bits of support from in there was pretty hard.

Significant cleanup on these objects to make them presentable. But I also don't use retraction, so presumably that combined with the wipe feature (which already reduced my strings to tiny hairs) and you could be looking at very nice prints with almost no cleanup.

Oh and the cylinder is a "priming tower". Probably not necessary in retrospect. The one issue is KISSlicer doesn't do a skirt, which is why I'm kinda forced to use a raft. I was hoping I could get away with just the priming tower and no raft but I can't, I just forgot to turn it off for the second print :p

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As promised, here's another 'mech before and after de-supporting. Sadly his right leg was a casualty of support removal (precariously propped in photo). Still trying to work out the perfect storm of support settings.



That is with 80% support flow rate (adjusted manually with a script I wrote) and 2mm support expansion, "medium" density. Removal was still difficult, but slightly more doable.

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Do I win? Both legs still attached, same for the weapons. Removing the support was a careful job.

Sliced with Cura (development version, for the support first layer fix)

0.1mm layers, 50mm/s and 10seconds per layer.

Rotate 90deg so the support lined up better.

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