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Original Ultimaker kit - missing pieces

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Hey there,

finally received my UM1 kit - yay! Unfortunately, the kit is missing a few pieces, specifically:


  • 1 hobbed bolt
  • 3 washers M8
  • 1 hex nut M8
  • 1 cap nut M8
  • 1 small bearing
  • 1 feeder spring

I've ordered the kit from the official German reseller, iGo3D. Should I go contact them for the missing parts? It seems that they forwarded the package directly as received from Ultimaker, so I'm not sure how far they can help me.


I already opened a support ticket with Ultimaker yesterday, but haven't received a response yet.


It's kinda frustrating, having an almost complete UM1 sitting on my desk… :-P


Any help would be appreciated.



- Enno


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Hi Enno,

Could you send me your ticket number in a DM?

It would be best to contact us and we would be happy to send you the missing parts.

Have you double checked the packaging?

Most of the parts you have missing come from one pack that very rarely has pieces missing.

Obviously, it is possible but if they would be lying around somewhere that would be the fastest solution :)

- Hobbed bolt, you mean the drive bolt for the feeder upgrade?

My apologies for the inconvenience,


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