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Loud noise on start and end of every print

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Set up my U2 yesterday and it's working beautifully. One thing does have me concerned. At the start of every print the printer makes a really loud noise before the print head moves into position, it does it again at the end of the print when the print head moves back to its resting location.

It's like the print head is trying to move in the wrong direction before it starts and then goes too far when it's done.

the sound is very jarring, Is this normal? I'd rather not wake the neighbors when my prints are done.




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It sounds like maybe one of your end stops isn't triggering - probably the x-axis one. With they power off, move the head to the left , and look for the rear sliding block assembly on the axis to trigger the end stop (which is in the back left corner, screwed under the top panel).

You should hear the switch click before the fan assembly hits the side wall. If it doesn't, then look to see if the left fan is bent up and out a bit too far. If so, bend it back down a bit, and see if that then allows the switch to be triggered.

If that's not enough then you might need to take some needle noses pliers and bend the tab on the switch outwards just a fraction, so it triggers slightly sooner.

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That was it, the end stop trigger on the x-axis was not being reached right away. I bent it out just a bit and that made it much better. I might need to move it a little bit more, I'm waiting for a print to finish to check.

Thanks illuminarti, this kind of help is why I went with Ultimaker. I have another question but will start another topic so it will be easier to search on for others.


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