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  1. I would be so happy if this was something that could be fixed. I never understood why Spiralize would have a Z scar as it's slowly increasing the z height the whole time. I gave up on this feature because of the scar.
  2. @UltiArjan there is a bunched up string of copper wire LED's inside. The design files are now available on Youmagine https://www.youmagine.com/designs/scifi-lamp
  3. Designed in Rhino 3D 41cm Tall Printed in Colorfabb's Bronzefill Layer Height: .1mm Wall Thickness: 1.2mm Fill: 20% Speed: 50mm/s Print Time: 9 hours The top is Printed separately in Colorfabb XT Clear Layer Height: .3mm Temp: 230c Wall Thickness: .8mm Spiralize the outer contour selected in Cura Speed: 25mm/s Print Time: 1.5 Hours
  4. I have been working on a way to combine my ceramic work and 3D printing. This is the first in a series of bases I'm printing to support bowls that were trimmed without a foot.
  5. The only measurements I did were from the windows. Starting with that I used a reference photo in the background and modeled everything from there. The building is sandwiched between two other buildings so the rest of it is just a big blocky rectangle. I plan on doing some others in the neighborhood which have more ornate fixtures. My building is rather plain but acted as a good beginners lesson for modeling in Blender.
  6. As a modeling lesson for myself in Blender I recreated the facade of the building I live in. The Railing was printed separately, flat on the bed. Anyone else print their home?
  7. Jonathan, What material did you use for the iPhone case? the color and finish is really nice!
  8. It's rigid like normal PLA. I ordered it from e3d-online but there is no brand name associated with it.
  9. Playing around with the UV color changing material. Color changing aspect aside it's actually a really nice material. Easy to print and it has a good feel to it, like a hard wax.
  10. I'm about to try out the Taulman T-glase colors for the first time this weekend. Any recommendations on what settings to start with on a U2?
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