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Variable Retraction Distance


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Posted · Variable Retraction Distance

I wanted to offer up a feature request: variable retraction distance. (mm filament retract / mm rapid move)

I think this would help the printer avoid tripping up in areas with many, short, retracted rapids. Instead of having to disable retracts for short hops, it would still make an attempt, but never to the extent that it would delay the rapid.



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    Posted (edited) · Variable Retraction Distance

    No one else has an opinion?

    Ooze is definitely time dependant, and since rapid travel speeds are fixed and known, you can just evaluate the length of the rapid move, and apply a variable retract distance which ensures the retract move is completed within the rapid move.

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    Posted (edited) · Variable Retraction Distance

    I know this is old but I wish I had this option. I have a fan duct ending on 10 tiny posts. I have the printer retracting on every single one but it starts printing with blobs and ends fine on the final post. I just cannot figure out the best setting for the situation. Changing flow will start great but end with a weak final post that breaks. Coasting helps a bit but still the same. More retraction will create bubbles in filament so I cannot retract more....it is a never ending cycle. I wish I had an option to chose more retraction at the beginning and less at the end. 


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    Posted · Variable Retraction Distance

    What size nozzle are you printing that with?

    Is there a feature of the model that is not allowing it to be printed flat?

    What is your "Max Comb Distance with No Retract" and "Retraction Minimum Travel"?


    If you slice the model and use "Relative Extrusion" the gcode is very easy to read.  You could alter the retractions by hand although it would take a while since every involved layer would need to be changed.

    The gcode in Relative Extrusion would look like this (my retraction distance is obvious) and searching through the file for "00 E" will find them all:

    G1 X69.988 Y108.831 E0.04676
    G1 F2100 E-5.5
    G0 F9000 X106.767 Y121.431
    G1 F2100 E5.5
    G1 F3000 X107.318 Y121.73 E0.01983
    G1 X108.818 Y122.455 E0.051231


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