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New Ultimaker 1- Filament Extrusion and Cura Settings

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Hey All!

So just this past weekend, I assembled my new Ultimaker 1 kit!

It is all pretty much working great!

Just have a few questions that I need answered.

First is with extrusion. I feel like when I am doing the solid layers at the tops of my prints, or at curve rounded parts on prints, its almost as if not enough filament i is being extruded because you can still see some cracks thru the top layers. I am already using 0.8MM Bottom/Top thickness on Cura. Up from the default 0.6MM.

I heard that the screw, on the black piece attached to the extruder, helps with that but i've played around with that and doesn't fix anything.

Next is retraction. Have a decent amount of stringing. I was wondering what you guys used for your retraction settings, to reduce stringing, as well as what temperature you're printing with in general.

Maybe if you guys could just share all the settings you're using, when you get your best results with the UM1. If possible just screenshotting your basic, advanced, and expert settings would be really helpful. I know every machine will need different settings to get best results, but at least somewhere I can get a great start. Thank you so much for you team, and look forward to getting to know all you guys!

- Harry


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Have you measured your filament to make sure it matches the setting in cura? If you filament is thinner than what has been set in cura you will get less plastic than intended.

What speed and temp are you at? If you print fast and/or cold you can get partial under extrusion where not quite enough plastic is getting through. Slowing down and/or increasing temperature will help if that's the case.

For the retraction I would start by installing this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22851

As for retraction settings, I don't quite remember what I used to use. Probably whatever the standard is set to. My Ultimaker1 has been rebuilt and altered quite a bit from stock these days. Someone else will help there I'm sure. I think gr5 did some more scientific testing on stringing vs speed/temperature which I'm sure he'll share if he shows up.

One thing to keep in mind though. Some filaments are just prone to stringing and there isn't much you can do about it. I have a roll of black for example that is just a pain in the arse.


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Hey! Thanks for your quick reply. Just noticed my for my response, I forgot to click "Post".

I am currently printing around 50MM/S, and at 220C. Filament has been measured.

I am using Ultimaker filament, and assume its probably going to work the best, has anyone had bad experiences with it? I don't think it is the filament. I do a lot of 3D Printing in, and own a few other printers. Only thing I could think of, is it's cura.

I'm going to print out that little retraction thing, on thingiverse for sure right now though.

If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know!

- Harry


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