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A few Gossip Questions.

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Has any one heard when these could be coming out of the ultimaker bat cave ?

(1) ulti panel with printed casing

(2) official heated bed unit from ultimaker

(3) double head printer version

(4) selling the extended higher version of the ultimaker

if some one could give us the answers to these items today, that would be very nice... ;) :lol:


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ok thanks.

I thought the bat cave sounded good.

The ultimaker team jumping into a black long car, cave door opens up and they are away with their new shipment of ultimakers...

yes i saw to much TV as a child !

Ian :lol: :lol:

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Even if I know, I cant tell you, because then the support team will be spammed with pre-order questions.
Good reason not to tell anything :mrgreen:


1) is released.

2) has been spotted at the UM HQ a few months back, but no word on it.

3) I've seen a dual headed Ultimaker at Protospace. More on this below.

4) It should be quite simple to build this yourself if you really want to. From a basic kit, with longer Z rods and new side panels. Your build height is limited by the size of your laser cutter (which is why Protospace has a larger one then Ultimaker)

Dual extrusion, with the right parts you can already build this, hotend kit bolt some parts you can buy, but a few things you'll need to source yourself, as they don't sell those yet. Ulti-RepG34 supports dual extrusion as I understood from mr_seeker. And my response to the question if Cura supports dual extrusion was "get me a 2nd extruder and I'll make it". To my surprise they are going to get it too me. So it is something that has their attention. But as with the Ultipanel, from prototype to product in stock can take a while.

But really, things are ready when they are ready. If it's not in the shop, then you cannot get it. And you'll have to wait then. They do not give off estimates about when things are ready so they cannot be held accounted for it if they do not make it. Product development is not as easy as you might think.

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There have been some posts from UM on the google group regarding this recently.

Erik posted this:


Currently the priorities in terms of mechanics/extrusion are:

1) first the hot end,

2) then the extruder drive mechanism and

3) then a heated bed.

Within a few days, an little sneak peek into what we're doing will be made available by my colleague and co-founder Martijn.


A few days was later updated to be the coming UltiEvening on Monday.

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