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Workaround for Cura on OSX not showing dropdown menu items and tooltips and expert window

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The problem seems to be that Cura (14.01 here) sometimes fails to give these user interface elements the input focus.

Easy workaround: Select item "Hide Cura" in application menu, then unhide Cura again by clicking on its icon in the Dock.


Which version of OSX are you using, I have started using with version 14.01 and now 14.04-RC1, still ok. Fully use of the Cura, no I am not there yet :mrgreen: but the menu issue did not happen to me. :mrgreen:


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Just clicking the icon in the dock usually works too


This. And clicking the open button works. (And a few other things)

I have no idea why. It's just crazy. But, I do think I've placed a bit of a workaround in 14.03.

(It also only happens on the release version, not on the development version)


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I also had the same problem after installing the 14.03 version,

menu's would not work, trying to open the expert setting did nothing, only after trying to open a new document, then all the menus I clicked suddenly opened all at once.

even after I thoroughly removed 14.03 and installed 14.01, it had the same problems.

with a second user account the problem was gone, so I reinstalled OSX, and the problem is gone, but I am a little hesitant to use 14.03 in the near future :???:


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