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Just got my UM2 in Ohio

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Hey, team. My UM2 is prepping to make its 2nd official print and my first the UM robot! YEAH!

Couple questions. When configurating itself it makes some nasty noises like its slamming into the side of the frame, is this normal? Is it just trying to read the space?

Second thing is the front belt looks loose. All the other belts are taught and look right but front is sagging a little. Is this normal?

My first print is about to begin! HOPING ITS FLAWLESS!!


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On which sides is it slamming - the left, or the back? Probably the left. Most likely, the head isn't triggering the end stop before it hits the side wall. What you need to do is a) to make sure the left side fan is bent down neatly, and there's no gap between the left shroud and the side of the print head, and then b) if needed, bend the end stop out slightly. It's located in the back left corner, under the top panel. Grip the lever on the endstop about one quarter of the way from the front with needle-nosed pliers, and push the lever to the left (so as not to strain the hinge) while rotating the end towards the right (to put a very slight kink in the lever, so it contacts the sliding block sooner). Be gentle; if you bend it too far, it won't contact the sliding block at all. In that case, straighten it a little bit.

Probably when the head hit the frame and the motor kept turning, it jumped the belt over the teeth a little bit. To fix that, push the head all the way to the right, and then loosen the pulley at the left end of the loose belt, and let the tension equalize. Then tighten it up tight again.


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