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ultimaker original not stopping at end stop


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Posted · ultimaker original not stopping at end stop

Hello i am running the first time setup on my ultimaker original. I complete the ultimaker checkup and all endstops are working. Then i run the bed levelling wizard and it does not stop and slams into the frame and the belts start slipping. It doesnt respond to the front x endstop.

We have tried pressing the end stop manually while the head is moving and nothing happens, the head runs into the frame.

What is the solution to this problem?

I am disappointed.


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    Posted · ultimaker original not stopping at end stop

    This is what I suggest you do -

    Open Cura

    Go to File -> Preferences

    Change the Printing window type to Pronterface and click OK.

    Use File -> Print to open the printing window.

    The Pronterface version has bunch of useful stuff. On the right will be a large window showing the responses from the printer. Below that is a smaller text box that can be used to issue commands to the printer.

    In that smaller box type (no spaces anywhere):


    In the box above it, you should see the printer respond with the statuses of the endstops.

    Now move the print head to the front left corner (the home position) and issue the M119 command. You should see the min X and Y endstops activated.

    Now move the print head to the back right corner and issue the M119, you should see the X and Y max endstops activated.

    Technically, you should do the same for the Z platform but that doesn't appear to be your immediate problem. All the way up should trip the min endstop (do this test with the hotend cold to avoid damaging the build plate) and all the way down should trip the max Z end stop.

    If an endstop doesn't close, move the head out of the way and manually close it and hold it closed and reissue the M119 command.

    If the endstop now shows it is closed then the slider block (the block that slides along the edge) isn't engaging the endstop level and you will need to figure out why.

    If it doesn't manually close, you should check the wiring.

    If, however, everything checks out, close the print dialog, move the head to the center and turn off the printer and unplug the USB. Then plug in the USB and power the printer back on. This sets the printer up as the center position as 0, 0.

    Go to File -> Print again.

    Now on the left of the printer window, there is something that looks a little like a target. The outer most ring moves the head (edited:) 100mm, the next one moves it 10mm, the next inner ring moves 1mm and the middle ring moves .1mm. (edited: review the values displayed and use the next smallest so the head doesn't go crashing into anything)

    I believe that if you are sitting in front of the printer, clicking the rings towards the top moves the head towards the back of the printer, clicking to the left moves it left, right moves right and bottom moves towards the front.

    Using the 1mm ring, move the head around and confirm that the head moves in the expected direction.

    Post the results of your tests.

    Don't panic of the top->move to the back and bottom->move towards the front seems backwards as I might be wrong. Just tell us what direction it moves when you click the top, left, right and bottom parts of the target like thing using the 1mm "ring".


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