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Not sure if this is a bug with Cura 14.07 or another issue.

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Hey all,

I just upgraded Cura to 14.07 and during the first run wizard I clicked on upgrade firmware not really thinking about it and after doing so my Ultimaker 1 was temporarily hobbled. I am using a heated bed and had a custom firmware installed and after I upgraded the firmware through Cura 14.07 I got a Max Bed Temp Error and I could not clear the error or upgrade the firmware again and the LCD on the Ulti-Controller just displayed white squares.

I checked all of my Bed connections and they were good. In order to fix the printer I had to physically remove the Arduino board , carry it over to my laptop and re-flash the firmware. It took quite a bit longer to flash than before so I was not sure if it was going to work.

So a question I have is that will this happen every time I try to upgrade the firmware via Cura now that I have a heated bed? To Take advantage of the updated firmware will I have to download it manually and open it in the Arduino IDE and make my heated bed changes manually and then save and upload from Arduino?


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Hey 3dguy.

Yeah when you pick the self build heated bed option for the UM1, the firmware that Cura will flash is for a different bed temp sensor. I've run into this problem and the only way to recover is to remove the Arduino and flash directly from the Arduino IDE.

I reported this problem with 14.06.

Previous versions of Cura (either 14.01 or 14.03, not sure which) gave you a message that the firmware for the custom bed needs to be supplied by you and refuses to upgrade the firmware that came with Cura.

I think that was a better solution than temporarily bricking the printer.

But it's up to UM/Daid to address.



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Same problem here!

I installed today a very fine heated bed.

It took me all day to find out it was Cura 14.07 that was baking my stepper drivers and locking my stepper motors.

Reinstalled 14.03 and things are running like before..... finally....... :shock:

(Pffoeh.... I was already looking for a new mainboard :mrgreen: )


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Having a nightmare here, same issue, managed to reinstall new firmware, put machine back together and controller is just dead in the water now, tried all obvious connections etc.anyone have any idea where i should start looiking??



Is it an UM1?

If so:

Does the UltiController function?

Check to make sure the ribbon cables are connected to the correct connectors.

Do you have a heated bed?

If so:

Did you use the upgrade firmware within Cura or from http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/ ?

If you used the marlin builder did you choose Ultimaker from the "Templates: Select your Machine" dropdown? It will let you build a marlin without making the selection but it will not work.

When I first installed my heated bed I upgraded the firmware from within Cura with the heated bed option and it bricked my machine, the Ulticontroller would turn on but it would give a temp error and then the entire display would fill with white blocks.

The only way I could fix it was to remove the electronics (after disconnecting the power of course) and carefully removing the Arduino from the main board and using the above link for Marlinbuilder to build the custom marlin and using the Arduino IDE to flash the new firmware with the Arduino board connected directly to my computer via USB.


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Glad to hear it's working.

What kind of heated Bed do you have? What kind of thermistor? I understand being unnerved, I felt the same way after I temporarily bricked my printer, but after building the custom marlin a second time and selecting Ultimaker template and then Ultimaker with custom heated Bed and Ulticontroller and selected the correct thermistor profile and flashed using the arduino IDE the bed works great. Just don't flash using the feature in Cura.

Thanks to a anon4321 for helping me with the wiring concept, after that, the hardest part was turning on the heated bed for the 1st time and expecting to see smoke, it was the most wiring I had done in years. If you decide to give it another try double check your connections and rebuild the firmware double checking your selections before clicking build..

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It was the heated bed on sale on ebay


still hearing good things about it, upgraded the relay on it to a 30a one, I think with all the pulling and pushing of boards n stuff I might have shorted something out, I have a project for the next couple of days but might dip my toe after that thanks for your help and encouragement.


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I've recently learned that DC causes arcing issues and it very hard to switch mechanically with any reasonable reliability at a cheap cost.

Your best bet is to use a solid state switching solution such as a MOSFET. See




or SSR if you aren't into soldering and electronics.

I'm using this: http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?category=9&product_id=3950_0

Works well but at 30USD not something I would call cheap.

Jonny's circuit could be built for a few bucks/euros...


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