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Print Head Reversal On Shell Layers Of Print

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I have been printing some thin parts and at the same point the .GCode tells the Ultimaker 2 make a reversal. The resulting layer upon layer causes the appearance of a seam. In this seam there is slightly more material and the material gets pushed outward slightly making a round bump on every later.

Can you please suggest some ways to minimize this effect? I have tried printing on fast and normal and it is very visible.

Also how can I attach an image to this question?

Best Regards,



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Also how can I attach an image to this question?


Click on "gallery" then "upload" button, then once image is upload start a new post and click "my media" next to smile icon.

You have 2 choices to make this better. One is to slow it down. A lot. Try 20mm/sec. The bump will still be there but it will be much much smaller.

The other choice is to get rid of the reversal - you can make the wall a tiny bit wider or you can make your shell setting smaller. Normally the nozzle is set to .4mm and shell a multiple of that (say .8 or 1.2mm). So make the nozzle .35mm and shell .7 or 2.1 (or some other multiple of .35) and even though you don't have a .35mm nozzle it will just work out for the most part. The farther you get from .4 the worse the quality but .35 is fine. In fact if that stops the reversal try .36 .37 .38 .39 until you have the closest value to .4 as possible where it doesn't do that "reversal".


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