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X axis deviating while printing

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Posted · X axis deviating while printing

Hi everyone,

After moving it to another room because of the noise, my Ultimaker has started deviating on the X axis while printing.

By example, it will print 20 layers on the right spot (the one shown on Cura) and the 20 other layers one centimeter further right.

I wonder if something went wrong with the calibration while I moved it.

Being a very new user, I would like to have the advice of more experienced people before fiddling with the machine.

Here is a picture of the results. On the right a good print, on the left what I have now.


Thanks a lot!


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    Posted · X axis deviating while printing

    Thank you for your answer.

    The pulley seems fine. i have tried to print another Gcode file exported by a friend and it is working perfectly.

    I recon there might have been a Bug while exporting.

    I am exporting from Rhino to Cura. Has anyone already experienced this kind of issues?


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    Posted · X axis deviating while printing

    Here is a quick sum up of my latest try outs to fix the problem.

    1/ I have done the pulley test. They are okay.

    2/ I have tried to redraw and reexport my STL file from rhino. The problem happens again.

    3/ I have tried printing an example from CURA, without passing through Rhino, on the printer, the problem happens again.

    4/ I have changed the SD card I am working with, reinstalled CURA and retry a print from a CURA example, the problem happens again although it is not as bad as before. The problem happens also when I try to print with Slic3r.

    I am starting to think that think that they might be a bug or a slight change in the machine parameter which have happened without me noticing..

    I am running out of ideas! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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