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Which version works in Your Mac?

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Hi all,

just finished assembling my Ultimaker. Phew!

But alas, it seems that getting software running is even bigger task than assembling the printer!

I am running Mac os X 10.5.8. I added the python and java was up-to-date.

I downloaded "UltiReplicatorG-0035-rc1-mac.dmg" which was presumably the latest up -to-date version of ReplicatorG

Well, it wont work. It starts up, but no user interface is visible.

No luck.

Then i downloaded "UltiReplicatorG-0025-beta1-mac.dmg", which really started up, i managed to update firmware etc. But there is problem with extrusion motor controller. While making tests (moving head xy direction and surface z dir, heater all good), the extrusion motor behaves oddly - the "forward" "stop" and "backward" buttons seem to make nothing or have time lag since pressing them to motor running like 2 minutes (or nothing at all). I read that i should use the latest soft (like ver 35) but it just wont start up correctly.

What are the posible solutions?

Thanks in advance

And all the best,


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yes, i didn't to press "forward" when nozzle was under 210 C temperature

but maybe the movement is really slow when the filament reches into the heating chamber. The motor run well when the plastic cable was not reached yet to the nozzle.

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I had the same issue.

You need first to install RPG25, then to upgrade the firmware to the Marlin realease 2 (the last one) and then you must uninstall RPG25 to install RPG35.

It will work. I did it this afternoon and i'm printing my first objects.

I hope i'm enough clear .... sorry for my english.

Have a good night


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