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UM original retract on startup Cura 14.07


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Posted · UM original retract on startup Cura 14.07

Hi guys.

I have tried to use Cura 14.07 to generate gcode for my UM original.

I use prontrface to send the gcode.

The firmware is updated to the newest.

When i press print in prontrface the printer seems to start like normal, but when it gets to the middle of the platform to start the print, the extruder retracts like 20-30mm and then it starts to print - ofcourse nothing comes out.

Here is the beginning of my gcode:

M92 E865.888000

;Sliced at: Sat 27-09-2014 13:33:44

;Basic settings: Layer height: 0.2 Walls: 0.8 Fill: 10

;Print time: #P_TIME#

;Filament used: #F_AMNT#m #F_WGHT#g

;Filament cost: #F_COST#

;M190 S70 ;Uncomment to add your own bed temperature line

;M109 S0 ;Uncomment to add your own temperature line

G21 ;metric values

G90 ;absolute positioning

M82 ;set extruder to absolute mode

M107 ;start with the fan off

G28 X0 Y0 ;move X/Y to min endstops

G28 Z0 ;move Z to min endstops

G1 Z5.0 F9000 ;move the platform down 5mm

G1 F9000


;Layer count: 217



G0 F9000 X68.38 Y73.25 Z0.30


G1 F1200 X70.29 Y71.54 E0.04821

G1 X71.29 Y70.72 E0.07263

G1 X71.37 Y70.66 E0.07443

G1 X72.07 Y70.06 E0.09185

G1 X73.44 Y69.16 E0.12271

G1 X73.48 Y69.14 E0.12358

G1 X74.40 Y68.46 E0.14508

G1 X76.66 Y67.04 E0.19522

G1 X79.85 Y65.61 E0.26090

G1 X83.11 Y64.81 E0.32407

G1 X85.46 Y64.53 E0.36859

G1 X87.44 Y64.49 E0.40588

G1 X87.52 Y64.49 E0.40743

G1 X88.67 Y63.94 E0.43134

G1 X97.43 Y65.53 E0.59887

G1 X100.14 Y66.73 E0.65472

G1 X100.91 Y67.08 E0.67052

G1 X102.20 Y67.72 E0.69773

G1 X103.97 Y68.72 E0.73587

G1 X106.13 Y70.26 E0.78579

G1 X107.64 Y71.55 E0.82315

G1 X109.01 Y72.87 E0.85902

G1 X110.58 Y74.63 E0.90333

G1 X112.11 Y76.74 E0.95240

G1 X113.38 Y78.90 E0.99945

G1 X114.37 Y81.02 E1.04356

G1 X115.14 Y83.14 E1.08601

G1 X115.76 Y85.43 E1.13063

G1 X116.16 Y87.80 E1.17581

G1 X116.31 Y89.68 E1.21117

G1 X116.33 Y91.43 E1.24411

G1 X116.19 Y93.73 E1.28752

G1 X115.84 Y95.93 E1.32945

G1 X115.33 Y98.05 E1.37034

G1 X114.61 Y100.19 E1.41289

G1 X113.71 Y102.26 E1.45532

G1 X113.14 Y103.32 E1.47798

G1 X113.37 Y103.75 E1.48721

G1 X114.30 Y106.18 E1.53609

G1 X114.92 Y108.24 E1.57664

G1 X115.42 Y110.71 E1.62392

G1 X115.64 Y113.17 E1.67048

G1 X115.68 Y114.92 E1.70337

G1 X115.55 Y117.09 E1.74422

G1 X115.14 Y119.97 E1.79894

G1 X114.32 Y122.72 E1.85291

G1 X113.49 Y124.81 E1.89531

G1 X112.61 Y126.64 E1.93351

G1 X111.68 Y128.24 E1.96820

G1 X110.70 Y129.70 E2.00140

G1 X109.39 Y131.33 E2.04063

G1 X108.05 Y132.78 E2.07783

G1 X106.49 Y134.23 E2.11786

G1 X104.66 Y135.66 E2.16154

G1 X102.89 Y136.82 E2.20135

G1 X101.14 Y137.80 E2.23900

G1 X99.36 Y138.63 E2.27599

G1 X97.55 Y139.32 E2.31240

G1 X95.74 Y139.89 E2.34813

G1 X93.78 Y140.34 E2.38606

G1 X92.08 Y140.62 E2.41838

G1 X90.31 Y140.80 E2.45189

G1 X88.19 Y140.87 E2.49185

G1 X86.24 Y140.78 E2.52842

G1 X85.05 Y140.65 E2.55095

G1 X83.41 Y140.40 E2.58216

G1 X81.51 Y139.98 E2.61874

G1 X79.78 Y139.47 E2.65266

G1 X78.06 Y138.85 E2.68721

G1 X76.28 Y138.06 E2.72374

G1 X74.58 Y137.16 E2.75983

G1 X72.89 Y136.12 E2.79729

G1 X71.20 Y134.89 E2.83662

G1 X69.87 Y133.77 E2.86920

G1 X68.64 Y132.62 E2.90106

G1 X67.61 Y131.53 E2.92914

G1 X66.39 Y130.06 E2.96511


Screenshot of machine settings in Cura 14.07:


Machine settings




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    Posted · UM original retract on startup Cura 14.07

    Your start.gcode is missing a 'G92 E0' for resetting the extruder position before the first line with a print command (but after the G90).

    It's also recommended to do some priming before print as it is done in the default start.gcode.

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