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Zeni Kinetic 3mm PLA for use in UM2?

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Zeni Kinetic sucks!

OK, maybe that will scare some people off. I just went to order my monthly supply of zeni PLA, and they were out! So I hate to tell you that it's great stuff, cuz you guys here in the states will keep buying it all up, and it will always be sold out!

Joking aside, Zeni is one of my favorites. It's consistent. it extrudes nice and creamy, it's bold and non translucent, and it's affordable... $30 a roll with free shipping (on orders over $50 I believe)

Yes, it is a bit larger.

Here is what I'm using

Diameter set to 2.91mm

Temp set to 205 (for .1mm, 200 for <.1mm)

heated bed 45 (I use the general dollar store purple hairspary, it's the absolute best stuff I've tried)

fans 100%

retraction 5mm

The stuff is awesome. Unfortunately, their inventory is always changing... I got some pink a couple of months back, and it was the best shade of pink I've seen yet...but now they don't have it. The orange I sometimes have trouble with... might just be me. The purple is really good. Basically all their stuff is spot on, but like I said, sometimes I have some issues with my spool of orange.

I don't like their ABS though. It's too glossy for my liking, and it pops a lot when extruding. I also found my rolls to vary in diameter more than the PLA.

I'm on my first roll of IC3D ABS, and I really like it. Nice satin finish, very consistent., lower print temps. It's $3 more than the zeni, but I think it's worth it.

So in short, Zeni PLA Sucks! Don't buy it! Stay away from it! :p


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You sure you're not doing something wrong? I have 10+ rolls of Zeni, purchased at different times, and I don't have jams. Sometimes it catches the teflon lip when inserting new material, but that's not a big deal. You might want to make sure your teflon isn't deformed any, causing jams. Make sure you are able to run an 1/8" drill it through the teflon with your hands, and debur the bottom of the teflon.

What did your filament Mic out to?


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Thanks for the reply. The roll I have is giving me 2.92 to 3.10mm, which is why I was concerned. I will try again, but the ColorFabb went in with no problems at all today. When I get some time later in the week, I'll give it a go. Again, I LOVE to use it in my direct drive PrintrBot.


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it is larger diameter for sure, but I haven't had any problems with it , well... the only time I did have a problem with it was when my teflon went bad last month, either friction, or the lip was creating problems. Once I replaced the teflon, it was back to business as usual.

I am trying some black PLA I just got from Ultibot (cuz Zeni is out). Decent price, and it's supposed to be super tight tolerance. So far I've printed 10 of my compound bow risers with it, and they turned out great. I have noticed that it likes 220 temps for some odd reason. That's the hottest I've ever had to print any PLA, but that's what it likes....

One day I'll try some of the fancy Colorfabb, but the printing I do is BULK work. I can't print in the expensive stuff, else I'd have to pass those costs on to the customer. If a $30 roll does the same job as a $45 roll, then the $30 roll wins every time. Especially since I go through a butt-load...

If anybody know of any great, consistent, and creamy PLA for BULK work, let me know :)


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