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Adjustment for Tessellation

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Posted · Adjustment for Tessellation

Hey Community

I have a Ultimaker 2 and I am really happy about the print quality.

But I have a other concerns about the tessellation.

I create my models in Catia V6 and before I can export the model into the STL format, of course I have to tessellate it.

In Catia V6 I can adjust two Parameters the "Sag" and the "Step" in mm.

I know there is a relationship with the tessellation and the print quality. You get better print results if you adjust little triangles as possible.

But I wonder if there is a limit of accuracy because of the Ultimaker 2 and where is it?

And what are the best or optimal adjustment for these parameters?

Thank you very much for your support.




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Posted · Adjustment for Tessellation

Try to keep quantity of triangles < 1 million. You will know if you have too many triangles because Cura won't be able to slice it - it will run out of memory (Cura only can use 2GB memory even if you have much more). Thinner slices will use more memory so .1mm slicing uses much more memory than .2mm slicing.

I don't know what good values are for sag and step. You don't want too many steps per mm because Marlin has to be always ready to stop printing and it only looks ahead up to about 20 line segments so it doesn't know if there is a sharp corner coming up so it has to always be ready to stop within 20 line segments. If 20 line segments is only 3mm then it will print slow.

I'm going to guess "sag" is distance from curve to line and I would say .1mm seems fine. And step I would say maybe .5mm would be fine. But I'm not sure exactly what these mean in Catia.


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