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Posted · Ultilater...

HI guys,

Hello all,


After reading this section of the forum, I just realized my mistake: Order directly from UM2 Ultimaker!

During my visit to 3D Print Show in Paris, the Ultimaker team had assured me that the delivery of the UM2 is in a time of 5 days upon receipt of payment.

So I decide to order one directly on their site to avoid going through an intermediary.

10 days after my payment and six unanswered emails later, I was meeting starts at impatient and decided to take a ride on the forum to try to get some answers.

after a few discution chatting and reading several post about this, I realize that my situation is not unique and even rather the norm ...


My findings are as follows:


1 / Ultimaker announcement deadlines contradictory: on the one hand 5 days and 4-6 weeks of the other. Which is completely contradictory.


2 / support department is understaffed as most Ultimaker services.


3 / refund my order may take more than a month !!!


I found that despite the quality of printers, Ultimaker is not a serious company. Otherwise, how can we justify the fact that they communicate on their projects when they leave aside their customers.





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Posted · Ultilater...

I invite all those who feel deceived by the promises of Ultimaker to contact me to create a petition that I would transmit to Ultimaker officials.

The petition's aim is to seek a clear answer on the situation we face, but also to seek compensation for any dissatisfied customers.


For this I request you to send me your name and order number to put in charge of Ultimaker face their responsibility.


I would write an article about it on my blog (in French) to denounce this situation still does not evolve and avoid the same frustration future purchaser of Ultimaker printers.


In the hope that it makes things happen ...


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Posted · Ultilater...

Hi Nacere,

Thank you for your post.

I just now saw your post on the forums, my apologies that you have not received a reply before.

I was also present at the 3D printshow in Paris, perhaps we even spoke?

Please allow me to explain some of the recent chain of events which result in your discomforting experience.

Leaving the office for Paris was in the middle of the most hectic month of the year, where we attend and participate in 6 international events. While we do our best to both represent Ultimaker well and leave our best and capable colleagues at home at the HQ to answer all of your questions it is inevitable that during this period of time the workload becomes really high. We do our best to get back with everyone asap, there is still a backlog but we are getting back on our feet.

Around a week ago we came to the realization that there was a problem with one of the suppliers which led to a shortage in our stock. This was unforeseen and caught us by surprise.

As you may understand, this led to a delay in our shipping schedule and among yourself several customers express their discontent, which I can totally understand.

While we were in the middle of recovering from the busiest period of the year this created again a very big workload on my colleagues from support.

I hope you do not take our 'slower response-time then usual' as a sign of disinterest or how we like to do business but

as a result by some unforeseen supplier-issues. You shouldn't be surprised if you get a reply during the evening hours because we frequently work late trying to get back with everyone. I hope you can appreciate these extra efforts we put in trying to be there for you.

In your case, I see you eventually received a reply 3 days after your initial email, in which my colleague explains that due to the time of ordering your order was not affected by these stock-problems.

In fact, I see your order was already delivered Tuesday, 2 days ago. Only a couple of days after your initial ticket.

Thank you for your time and patience, it is highly appreciated.


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Posted · Ultilater...

Just to let you know Sander, this complaint was also written in the french section, and he informed us that the UM2 was on it's way, it all settled down from there.

Thanks for the extra information, supplier issues are always a hassle specialy when they hit you by surprise...


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Posted · Ultilater...

.. tell me about it.


Could you also be bothered to summarize this post in French, or at least mention it?


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