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Help needed on Meshmixer Transform/support

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Hi I am trying to add supports by using Meshmixer.

meshmixer Pic 1

But I have a problem. There is a lip going around the top edge and supports have been added all the way around which I do not want. I have deleted them from the exterior of the wall on the rhs. If you look at the wall at the top left you can just see one of these supports in the top left corner.

I need to turn the model in the region of 180 degrees to get at the supports. But I need the green handle, not the blue and red handles, to turn it. How do I display the green handle?

I did try using one of the displayed handles to re-orientate the model so that the green handle would be displayed and took a note of the number of degrees I had moved the model in the other plane. This sort of worked in that the green handle was then displayed but the handle I had used was not displayed so after turning the model around I could not ultimately correct the orientation by moving the other plane back to where it was.



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you mean that you want to rotate the scene to look at the other side of your model?

There are 2 ways of navigating: 123d Design or MeshMixer (in preferences)

For MeshMixer navigation: to rotate, press middle mouse button and move the cursor.

Under Help there is a shortcut list of all the keyboard shortcuts.


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