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Stl's that dont slice

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Dear all,

So I encountered a model that Cura didn't like. In fact, Cura started freezing and crashing :(

It loads, but the slicer freezes. I can look at the model(and it looks strange, with all the irregularities along the boarders, rather than a smooth wall). But as soon as I enter layer view, it shows 1 at the slider and nothing on the screen...

It's this model: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:309993

I tried to open it in meshmixer, and there it was full of blue and red lines. I tried to make it solid, but that obviously closed wrong spots. Also I tried some other options without the desired effects. I feel silly for not being able to solve this myself, but do you guys have any tips for functions I might have missed, or (free) software that can help me out? Not only making it sliceable, but if possible also with smoother walls for better print quality.



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I had a look with an STL viewer I wrote myself. All the polygon surface normals in this STL are set to zero (this is supposed to indicate the outside direction). I guess that causes problems in some software.

Also, the object has a detail / corrugated texture on many surfaces. I don't know if this was intended or not. The texture has a vertical grain which might make it awkward (and noisy!) to print.

I only looked at the outward appearance: I didn't check to see whether the shape was legal, i.e. a single closed surface, no intersecting solids.


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@PeggyB, I tried to open it in the free basic netfabb software and I tried to do an default repair and export it, but that didn;t load either. Could you point out what I'm doing wrong, or what the correct steps should be?

I think "redrawing this" could be the best solution yeah


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