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Hi all,

I've been getting this same recurring problem, the last few prints start out fine but a little way in the nozzle almost stops and the filament gets wispy.

Here is an example of what I mean:


I printed this with Cura, 100% fill density and slowed the print speed down to 40 mm/s. Using ultimaker black PLA @210C.

The model being printed is:



I'm not sure if I'm maybe printing too fast, or if I might be getting a jam in the PEEK?

Any suggestions?

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    Hi ConcreteJungle,

    I just replied to you in a different thread. But here it is:

    If the tension screw is too tight, the filament will eat away at the material. The first two video links(from Jeorgen) might be helpful....

    Filament pressure:


    Bolt tightening:


    Filament-Bowden-Peek transition 1:


    Filament-Bowden-Peek transition 2:


    Filament-Bowden-Peek transition 3:


    Also, folks that I know (including myself) have been printing at 230-245 degrees because it seems the temp that you set is not the actual temp in the nozzle.. For me there seemed to be an offset of about 25degrees..so the temp was about 25-30degrees lower.. When I first got the kit about 2 months ago, I was printing at 200-210 and was constantly getting jams. I haven't had any jams since raising the temp to 235degrees ..

    So if you recently purchased your kit, you might have the same temp issue...so increasing temp is probably worth a try..


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    Posted · Jamming?

    Cheers Hitesh,

    Excellent, I'll check those vids out. Nice to know what is a "normal" setting.

    I've got an IR thermometer around here somewhere, if I find it I'll check out the block temp and see if I'm in the same boat and need to go up in temp.

    The frustrating thing is that it is so intermittent, I got some super great, fine detail prints running at 25mm / sec and 200C, then the next print is larger and the nozzle isn't extruding enough filament and the print gets super sparse.

    Anyway, your advice is appreciated.


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    Posted · Jamming?

    Hi all,

    I followed the videos and setup my extruder drive accordingly. Thanks for those videos, they are a great help.

    I also took the bowden tube out of the PEEK and sure enough there was a big mass of PLA a couple of mm thick in between the PFA tube and the brass tube which was stopping the filament going forward or back. I cleaned it all out while it was hot and made sure that when I reassembled it that the bowden tube was hard up against the brass tube.

    It's working better, however there is still sections in a print where the extruder seems to slow down, see below:


    This print is


    printed with Cura at 207C using ultimaking black PLA. Speed is set at 70mm / sec.

    I'm not really sure what to look at next to get an even extrusion without having to watch for it getting sparse all the time?

    As always any advice is appreciated.

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    So I've had a ton of jamming issues. While I have high hopes that my new bowden tube (on its way) makes the machine more forgiving, temperature plays a big role in jamming. My ultimaker supplied PLA works great at 210 and 220. At those temps, my faberdashery and botmill PLA would stop printing like you described. Out of frustration, i set my temp to 235 and all of a sudden, great prints. As the nozzle operates at a higher flow rate (more plastic moving through it) it must cool off faster. More than likely, I'm not actually setting my nozzle to 235, but compensating for the thermocouple in the head. Anyway, dont be afraid to try a higher temp; the worst case is youll get a runny print. I like to print the sim city buildings on thingiverse, and write on the bottom my settings i change as I slowly learn the parameters of my machine.

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