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another ultimaker dust cover!

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So this is a dust cover / noise reducer / heated chamber combo (in that order of importance/ effectiveness) for my ultimaker origonal with added controller

I used to use a bin bag, but that was ugly and tore wuite a bit, and now i have neighbours i need to keep the printer a bit quieter, as my priting room touches there childrens bedroom (however i hacnt heard a single noise from them, so i assume the walls are think)

Now i also happen to be a packaging designer, with a HUGE XY plotter table, massive sheets of "only the best" material at my disposal, and a little bit of power over what gets to be done with what, so i cooked this little baby up



Its made from 28mm (3mm fine layer) PE foam, cut on the table, and slotted together. we also make 25mm black, so i cut some extra parts in black, and replaced the holes left in the white material (sorry for plagiarizing your logo ultimaker!!).

the good thing about this method, is you get left with a negative, so i may need to find somewhere to hang this!


(potato camera)

As for sound reduction, well it actually works, sort of, the material is quite thin and isnt designed to be sound proof. may buy some sound dampening foam and stick it to the top of the box!


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That's really rather neat. The only downside is that it increases the size dramatically, but that happens with most enclosing solutions. It looks really snug and cosy in there and it does not look bad either. Quite on the contrary, I would say.


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Really impressive! How effective is it as sound isolation?


not that effective sadly :/ while there is a notable difference, using sound proof material would be a lot better. however, i lay a lot of blankets / towels over it, and that really reduces the noise


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