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  1. I'm sure we have all done it, but this is the first time i had to rescue a print, the very tall narrow support fell over, and thankfully a bit of bluetac sorted it right out!
  2. so adding to my list of "things taht wil lget you on a government watch list" was this. its for a paintball / airsoft toy gun, which i wanted to be able to attach a 14mm RIS rail to its from a 3D scanned part, i then added in a 14mm picatinny rail, and printed it, with no support!! 0.25mm layer height in colorfabb olive and took about 5 hours! only a tiny bit of post processing, barely any bad overhanging areas! the only issue i ran into was trying to use colourfabb filament kept in bad conditions taht was 3 years old! (that was when they still shipped their fillament in unprinted brown boxe
  3. this is my week so far! "everyone loves a slinky!!" well not really. thats 3 spools of colorfabb all completely knackered right to the core!
  4. some go from putting blank 9mm rounds in that go bang, some are more like fireworks, some are like fireworks with dried peas in them that scatter everywhere (for bio degradable-ness) and others are very similar to the 40mm grenade, so filled with gas, and then spray bb's out. of course these cant be thrown at people, being big and heavy, most sites say either drop them through a window or doorway, or roll them across the floor
  5. they are small gas canisters which you put gas in, and then anywhere from 80 - 200 bb's in the front. when the button on the back is hit, it releases the gas shooting all the bb's out. so nothing flies out the end, just LOADS of little plastic pinging everyhwre with a very assertive pop! still, its so far in the early stage, and while individual components work well, it all needs loads of tweaking to get working. i was inspired by someone who made an airsoft China lake grenade launcher, all by hand. i was blown away!
  6. i guess 2 things (one is very functional, the other not quite so much (probaly borderline on some community guidelines, so feel free to remove it!)) just a pump action 4 shot airsoft 40mm grenade launcher, like you do... thats 1.6kg of PLA and 124 hours worth of printing, and that prototype V1 the CAD work, all done in sketchup (and only 2 of the 46 components were "bad" when it came to slicing, with sketchup's famouse holes) Comparison with a Tavor 21 (if you know how big one of them is!) Multiple internal components Multiple internal components and becuse that may be a bit too
  7. it worked, a little over schedule (15 hours) but it looks great. shame its a mechanical piece, not aesthetic so will need tweaking. ran into some issues that looked like underextrusion high up, but turnedf out it was just thin bits of the print wobbling as the print head passed over them. the next version will have those bits smaller and lower down.
  8. so wish me luck. i have embarked on my longest print ever today (14 hours 45 minutes!) the longest i have done so far is probably only 8 hours!
  9. It printed, 5th time was a charm oh boy! new carry handle / picatinny rail for mr airsoft FPG (or FMG if you have played any of those video games) Shame it didnt quite fit haha! .6mm to narrow, and 3.2mm too short!
  10. Who wants to get C-C-C-controversial!! Some new rifle sights! adjustable for windage and elevation, however anyone with an extreamly keen eye will realise that, alas, this is not a real rifle, and is a very very heavily modified airsoft gun. Nice to be able to make somthing myself, that otherwise would have been a £50-£60 expense, when really i dont need the real life accuracy and tolerences for sport shooting.
  11. Can you (by DM if you prefer) give me more details on what phone/tablet you are using? Thank you! Sonny Ericsson Mini Pro SK17i.
  12. more woes. completely unusable on my phone, so much so for slick interface and tablet-ification and dumbing down. it wont even run on my phone! its not even that old, and still holds up to almost every I throw at it. inability to run something as basic as a forum on a device not even old enough to start school is silly :/
  13. also, lack of spelling checker. i am very dissabled when it comes to writing, and it makes me extreamly uncomfortable that i am unable to use my browsers spell check function with this forum. while this community is likely 102% forgiving, too much bad history on other forums.
  14. absolutely awful. dont go doing a hotmail on us guys! bring back the old forum. i came here for help, not to run in circles on a website that looks like it was designed to run with some touch screen shite.
  15. my day, well the past few weeks was very dry, no payrise (when everything else has gone up!) however been helping a work coluege on a project and finnaly earning money for 3D printing stuff! also, we may be moving the company 3D printer into our office. oh boy, one guy cant even stand the sound of pens clicking, wait till he gets an earfull of the printer!
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