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Need list of materials!

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Hey all! I'm brand new to both this forum and to 3D printing. I'm a real n00b, but I'm learning fast. I just received my UM2, and before I start in on printing, I need a list of everything I need to maintain it. Basically, I need:

1) What is the best material/item to put on the print bed for excellent adhesion/curl up prevention? Can I use blue painter's tape? Vaseline? I have no idea...

2) I read some threads about cleaning nozzles. What do I need for that? Just a pin? What tool do I use to remove the nozzle? I'm using PLA for now.

3) What chemicals do I need? So far I need acetone for nozzle cleaning. Any lubes or something else for the belts/gears/etc.?

Please help me, I am very appreciative of any suggestions on what to start with. Thanks!



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Hi and welcome to the community :)

For bed adhesion you can use the glue that is supplied with the UM2, for PLA set the bed temp to 60°c.

To apply the glue nicely, put it on the glass (not to much) and spread it around nicely with a slightly wet cloth.

you don't have to do this every print ;)

There are some sprays you can use also. You don't need blue tape for heated beds ;)

For cleaning the nozzle you just need a piece of filament, you can use an apuncture needle (less than 0.4mm diameter) to put through the nozzle.

It's all explained here:


You have some grease supplied with the machine for the Z screw (apply some every 6 months or so), for the rods you can use sewing machine oil every now and then (not often).

Most of tools you need to work on the machine are supplied with it


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To add to the above, depending how often you plan on running it I would suggest getting a spare PTFE coupler at the very least or even the hot end pack to have around for spare parts. You won't need them right away, but if you start doing a lot of ABS or Nylon, you'll wear the PTFE coupler out faster. Even just PLA in the long run will eventually degrade it.


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