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  1. Jesus, you really need to be wearing safety equipment dude.
  2. Maybe if you were producing lower limb prosthetics, but I can't think of a lot of applications for the average person printing. I guess an engineering department might benefit from it.
  3. Check this printer out. Carbon Fiber and Kevlar filament and a supposed 10 micron accuracy. https://markforged.com/
  4. @BaasB - Really nice work! Love the airbrushing. What kind of airbrush system do you have? I've been tossing around the idea of getting one since I saw Valcrow's awesome video on the lightsaber and am wondering what brand you have. @Skint - That turned out great, while I'm curious to see what it would look like polished, the colour right now lends itself very well to the skull. Nice job! In regards to the coiled filament, wrap it tightly around another roll with at least half the filament left on it and let it sit for at least 3 days. That did the trick with a roll I recently had the ex
  5. So what is the alternate feeder of choice these days? In the mean time I wrapped it around another 1/2 roll and will store it for a few days to relax the tension on it. Hopefully that will do the trick until I get another feeder installed.
  6. I have a couple of rolls of filament that seem to be creating friction in the bowden because it's the last 1/4-1/3 of the roll and since it's very tightly wound it's seems to be giving me underextrusion issues. I have no problems printing with reels that are closer to full. Was wondering what people do to relax the filament. Was thinking of maybe wrapping it around another reel that had filament on it, but figured this isn't something new so I thought I would just ask. I know, I ask A LOT of questions. :-)
  7. I love it Valcrow! Is that just the spindle part from the motor in there?
  8. Would love to hear that as Netfabb is completely new to me.
  9. Those are some amazing robots KSN! Are the stl files available? Here is the latest Raptor 2.0 Beta, Fusion 360 Edition e-Nable hand I tested for them. Some really nice design changes in this one.
  10. I never thought about switching colors during a print, guess I'll have to try that next. That gun looks great, I'd love to print something like that.
  11. ^^^Love those letters Viralata! That bronzefil on the lightsaber looks pretty good. Did you print the black grenade part on its side instead of standing straight up? Maybe it's just the pic or the fact I've been drinking, but the layer lines look horizontal.
  12. Nice page. Looks like there are only a couple of other hubs here in Ottawa, and the neither of them are using printers that can rival the mighty UM2, so I think there is an opportunity here. Btw, is there a way in Cura to show how many cubic centimeters are in a given part?
  13. It took a few tries to get it right, but it was a good learning experience as I hadn't printed anything that small before. I printed most of the parts at a little lower layer height, so maybe that's why they look better. Great design though, everything fits together quite nicely and I love those interlocking bits as they hold quite well. Looking forward to following your tutorial once I get around to getting an airbrushing system.
  14. Finally made one of those lightsabers. Really impressed at how well it turned out.
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