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Sequential printing feature request

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The current one-at-a-time printing feature limits the height of the objects to the gantry height. It seems to me that this is a restriction that should only apply to printers like the Ultimaker that have two-axis gantries. For a single-axis gantry (e.g. Felix, Printrbot, Taz) if you know the gantry direction zero location, you should be able to print sequentially objects of arbitrary height. Is that a possible feature that could be added?

A related feature, maybe harder to implement, would be a way of varying one or more slicing parameters over a sequence of copies of the same print, as sequential prints. For example, print the same object in fine, regular, and draft qualities in one print. Or vary extruder temperature. This would really help with doing parametric studies.


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For the first point just change the gantry height to what ever number suit you. I do that often when I know the last printed object is the only one to be higher than gantry. Just make sure the other axis will not get in the way otherwise it will smash the printed items and could damage parts depending how well the part is attached to the bed.

For the other part, I wanted to test that out by making some gcode mixer but dont know when I'll look into that. The list of things to look into is getting bigger and bigger every week :D.


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