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  1. eldrick

    3d Printer won't print

    Why are you asking for help on a Monoprice printer in an Ultimaker Cura forum? Several forums for your printer exist - google "monoprice printer forum" to find people who are more likely to have an answer.
  2. eldrick

    Flowrate for solid infill?

    No, and top/bottom aren't infill, they are walls, so they get the same extrusion as other walls, although you can separately set the number of top and bottom layers. Slowing down the speed should work for what you are asking, and for top layers, you might look at the Ironing settings for even better top quality.
  3. eldrick

    Cura stability - the argument for an LTS release cycle

    Frequent versions would be far less of a PIA if Cura didn't wipe out machine settings and profiles from one drop to the next.
  4. eldrick

    Flowrate for solid infill?

    Printing the solid infill at 90-95% fill will correct issues with overextrusion by giving any excess material somewhere to go.
  5. eldrick

    Printer Settings plugin

    Now perhaps you could turn your attention to writing something that would carry Machine settings forward from one version of Cura to the next? It is infuriating to have to recreate all the Machine settings every time Cura drops a new version, which seems to be at least monthly lately. I can't believe that the Cura team keeps propagating this stupid "feature" after many years.
  6. eldrick

    Is there a way to specify detailed internal structure

    I must be missing something: using Moment of Inspiration (moi3d.com) I created a cube and a smaller sphere. I centered the sphere inside the cube and used Boolean Diff to hollow out the cube with the sphere. Saved as STL file (attached), and opened it in Cura 15.04, where the Layers view showed clearly that the cube had a hollow spherical center hole. So the answer is that Yes, you can indeed create custom supports inside an object by making inner holes and printing the object mostly solid otherwise. You might also want to try the ability to use Concentric with a large value of Number of Walls, to make the "grain" of the printing follow the outline of your internal supports. hollow.stl
  7. eldrick

    Printing a solid 1,2mm wide wall

    a )If the wall 1.2mm thickness is important, consider using a .6mm nozzle. It will print twice as much plastic vs. a .4mm, and you can print the piece with two walls instead of three. b) Or, try specifying a large number of walls, to force solid concentric-pattern printing with no infill. c) Also, try varying the line width by tenths of a mm or so - both up and down - experiment with it, along with Equalize Filament Flow and Compensate Wall Overlaps, you should be able to get higher density.
  8. eldrick

    Every time I update Cura I lose all settings

    For some unknown reason, Cura has shown this wretched behavior for years. Why they can't copy over the settings that old and new versions have in common is beyond me, and I've been a SW developer.
  9. eldrick

    Difference between skin, shell, and walls?

    It would be nice for Cura settings to use consistent terminology...
  10. Don't overlook Moment of Inspiration: moi3d.com It is excellent.
  11. eldrick

    Cura fonts garbled on MacOS High Sierra

    Just installed 3.2.2 on iMac. The fonts appear correctly. Hooray!
  12. eldrick

    Cura fonts garbled on MacOS High Sierra

    3.2.1 still screwed up on Mac 10.13.3
  13. eldrick

    EditField behaviour

    I have seen the same problem.
  14. eldrick

    Spiralized mode, howto?

    That won't work. Layer height should be set between .3 and .7 of nozzle size. No way is a .4 nozzle going to print a .4mm layer.
  15. eldrick

    Janky settings input fields Cura 3.2 - 3.2.1

    I too have had issues trying to change values. For example, when I enter a leading . to change extrusion width value it gives an error. (On Mac)

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