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  1. eldrick

    Make this parts stronger

    I completely agree - that's the only way to avoid lots of re-prints and poor quality printing for that piece.
  2. eldrick

    fill under-extruded

    You might also verify that Cura is set to the correct filament size, i.e. set for 3mm filament rather than 1.75, if that's what your printer uses.
  3. Why are you wasting time trying to use obsolete v2 of Cura, when the rest of the world is on v3.1?
  4. eldrick

    Tolerance settings

    "Any suggestions?" Go to any hardware store and buy an M6 machine screw instead of printing it.
  5. eldrick

    Changing resolution mid print

    Or if you need fine control, Slic3r offers manual control of layer height.
  6. eldrick

    [Feat.REQ] "Fuzzy skin" improvements

    I use fuzzy skin for my product, and would appreciate not having it applied to interior surfaces. Being able to choose the surface elements to randomize would be the best solution for my parts - specifically, I'd like to exclude the center hole.
  7. eldrick

    Cura strange printing error

    After noting overheated browning of the board in the area around the drivers, I drilled 3/4" holes in the electronics board shroud - one under each of the driver chips. I also drilled some smaller holes on the sidewalls of the shroud to allow for flow-through ventilation.
  8. Ultimaker really should provide an upgrade manager that converts profiles/materials/etc. when you upgrade versions. The current policy of ignoring most profiles from previous versions is a real PIA, and certainly discourages a lot of people from upgrading.
  9. eldrick

    Printing a solid 1,2mm wide wall

    One-at-a-time mode in Cura is disabled for dual-nozzle printers, for some odd reason that I've never understood.
  10. eldrick

    Cura is unusably slow.

    Windows barely boots in 4GB these days. Add another dozen GB and you will be amazed at how much faster everything runs.
  11. eldrick

    Cura is unusably slow.

    You are looking at posts that are almost a year old. There are very few complaints about unmodified Cura performance these days, and it loads and runs noticeably faster with current versions. Try Cura 3.4.
  12. eldrick

    Ultimaker Cura UX Survey

    Sorry Sander, but having designed surveys professionally, this one was not very well done. The questions do not permit unexpected answers, and are not phrased well.
  13. It also forgets the target directory last used, so you have to re-select it all over again. Annoying.
  14. eldrick

    Ultimaker Cura UX Survey

    "...unfortunately, an inevitable technical 'flaw'. " Not if the survey were designed by someone competent at it, which the questions make plain it wasn't.
  15. eldrick

    Fan problem

    https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M106:_Fan_On M106: Fan On Parameters Pnnn Fan number (optional, defaults to 0)2 Snnn Fan speed (0 to 255; RepRapFirmware also accepts 0.0 to 1.0)) Extra Parameters Innn Invert signal, or disable fan1 Fnnn Set fan PWM frequency, in Hz1 Lnnn Set minimum fan speed (0 to 255 or 0.0 to 1.0)1 Bnnn Blip time - fan will be run at full PWM for this number of seconds when started from standstill1

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