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3D Printing and RC Projects

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Posted · 3D Printing and RC Projects

As a few of you know I have a bit of a RC addiction aside from my high speed project I have been working on several others where the UM2 has become a vital part of the build process especially when doing electric conversions to nitro/petrol chassis.

I thought it would be nice to try and start a thread with some examples of some on the RCs I have been working on :)

HoBao Hyper ST Brushless conversion

I wanted to build a nice tidy nitro to brushless conversion for a Hyper ST Truggy which didnt involve drilling the chassis and bodgeing parts all over the place. I designed and printed the following parts


Radio box mount: Retro fitted a Traxxas waterproof receiver box as the stock radio box lives where the brushless motor is installed. I designed a tidy bracket to mount to the top of the servo and the radio box screws down onto that. This part was printed in nylon.

Lipo Tray: This is always the most annoying part of any conversion as you are normally stuck with random generic options that never fit just as you would like and 9 times out of 10 require you to drill the chassis, which is pretty annoying if you get it slightly wrong. However this wasn't a problem for this project as I was able to design and print a Lipo holder that utilises existing spare mounting points on the nitro chassis while also making sure it was far enough away from the spur gear for obvious safety reasons. I also channelled the underside of the Lipo tray to allow wire routing which in turn made for a tidy install.

ESC Plate: Normally when doing conversions you are stuck with sticking the ESC to a extended part of a lipo tray then reinforcing that down with cable ties which can look messy. I desided to draw up a seperate block to mount the ESC to its secured via screws to the plate and the plate is then fixed to the chassis using the 2 left over nitro engine mounting holes.

The end result:







HPI Baja Brushless conversion

The main problem with this project was devising a way to secure the lipos into the chassis. Normally on a stock Baja chassis there are triangles cut all along the side and you can simply just use a couple of velcro strap to secure the lipos, but in this case the car has a carbon chassis which is enclosed ....... great for keeping crud out ...... bad for securing lipos lol

I eventually came up with a simple solution to the issue. I printed 2 securing blocks that slid over the rear chassis brace and then made an adjustable slider with velcro strap to hold them into place once fitted. What was even better is this could be done without having to modify the chassis :)

The end result looked like this:



I also made another bracket for another traxxas radio box, to mount to the fast eddy steering servo holder:




Other random RC parts:

I have been helping a good friend with some parts for one of his mini speed builds. We designed and printed some shock towers from Nylon bridge and some other parts for a pancar (pics to follow)



I will do my best to keep up to date with this topic with new stuff as I build new projects :)


I forgot to add one of my "insanity" (+100Mph) projects I'm working on currently. Its a Hyper GT chassis which is being modified to run 8cells. I will be using 3d printing to prototype all the parts and for manufacturing plastic components for the build.

Its not very exciting atm but it has a lot of potential (i hope my photobucket links work lol):




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Posted · 3D Printing and RC Projects

Nice work!

Let me share some pictures on the same topic...

A parametric case for CC3D flight controller -- one of my first 3D print projects:

CC3D Case

CC3D Case


Simple but efficient fuel hose holder for LargeScale car. I am usually not printing in ABS, except for this part due to temperature constraint.

Fuel hose holder

Fuel hose holder


Stand for shocks with compensation volume

Shock holder

Shock holder


Pack holder for small car -- Thy are not standing longer than the original ones, but definitely much cheaper!

Pack holder

Pack holder


I am also using 3D print for prototyping, before cutting carbon parts.


Carbon pack holder prototype

Finished parts in carbon:

Carbon pack holder

Carbon pack holder


Same here, some parts are still 3D printed, will be made from carbon when ready



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Posted · 3D Printing and RC Projects

Great parts. Try nylon bridge for high temp and parts like battery holders its super strong.

Great minds think alike .... im trying to finish off a cnc i have been building for a while now. I cant wait to bring it to life lol

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