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High CPU usage with 15.01

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I mentioned this issue in one of the RC threads, but I am now convinced its a problem.

Almost every morning I find that my PC fans are running flat out.. When I look at Taskmanager 'pythonw' is the the culprit using a huge amount of CPU even though CURA is idle, but just sat there with the model loaded and print window open..

When I exit Cura, the fans die down in a few seconds...

Typically, this happens when :

1. I start CURA in the evening, and print a fairly large model

2. The print finishes

3. But I leave CURA running.

4. Sometime hours later the CPU usage ramps up.

THis certainly wasn't the case in older (14.0) versions.. .Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a reason why 15.01 would behave like this?



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USB printing? PronterfaceUI? My guess is on the temperature graph.


Yes to USB Printing.. Yes to Pronterface... So you think that this is simply that the graph has got too big after monitoring for so many hours.

That would certainly explain it.. Although this has only started happening from 15.01 onwards.. Can that behavior be explained?

I will do some tests to see whether its the fact that the Print UI is left open is causing this....

Thanks for the suggestion



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I am not convinced this is the temperature graph.. I loaded a small model yesterday and didn't print it, but left the Print GUI up monitoring the temp for 24 hours.. And the CPU usage is fine.

So I need to do more tests... Specifically.

1. Load a LARGE model and leave the PrintUI up

2. Print a small model and leave the PrintUI up

3. Print a large model and leave the PrintUI up

I am not sure whether this relates to having a large/detailed model loaded (my gut feeling is yes), and whether it only happens "post print".

If I do manage to reproduce this, are there any logs I can gather?



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