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Cura 15.01 - Bug List

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I didn't see a comprehensive thread to bring together issues with Cura 15.01 so I figured I'd create this one for anyone to comment on along with my own. I'll probably be reading through the other threads and either linking or describing the issues here. If there is one already please point me to it.

Printing Time Calculation:

I noticed that the printing time seems to be calculating oddly now. I loaded up a plate of parts at 50 mm/s and it shows a printing time of 2 hrs 0 min, 1.21 m, 10 gram. If I change the speed to 100 mm/s however the printing time only drops to 1 hr 54 minutes, same m & gram. It seems like doubling the speed should have a bigger impact on overall print time. (I would expect nearly half)

This is with the default settings immediately after installing 15.01. (20 mm/s bottom speed, 0.0 for all other speeds under Advanced)


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Note, I rather not have one big topic with all issues. That would be a huge mess for replies and trying follow everything.

(FYI: I'm the guy fixing the issues)


Hmm, true. I was thinking more of just a listing of issues with links to their respective threads. I guess a better solution would be to add a new level to the forum hierarchy for the version of Cura and perhaps one for just bug reporting. If this even is a bug and not something I'm overlooking. Regardless I'll change the title to reflect the issue (if possible)


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